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    Supreme Court will decide on Arizona immigration law

    This is probably going to be the most signifigant turning point in the fight against illegal immigration. I don't want to be an alarmist, but I fear if we lose this one then the battle is finally lost. Its obvious that Washington DC is too corrupt to do anything about illegal immigration. So if the Supreme Court rules we can't fight it on a state level then what else can we do?

    And I'm not sure there's anything we can do at this point to influence the Supreme Court's decision except to pray.

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    I still say this is all Obama doing. he could close the border down
    any time he want to & he could also tell the fed about
    The illegal immigrants . but he don't he want them is
    for to vote for him no two way about this .
    I do like him, never did & never will he is for all of the other
    Country I see this . & if all of American don't see this you are the
    fool .
    I still say close down the welfare & stop food stamp
    no jobs for the illegal immigrants. I can go on
    but you all see what going on
    No amnesty Or dream Act at all
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    If the Supreme Court goes against Arizona then not only have we lost our "court", we will have lost our country to mexico without a shot being fired. This Is "D-Day for all of America folks. We will learn In a few short months If our constitution Is valid or becomes an irrelevent Piece of paper In a museum. If they follow the constitution Arizona will prevail and we can get back to the business at hand. Sustaining a "REPUBLIC" for future generations of AMERICAN CITIZENS free of Illegal Immigrants that come here and break law after law to stay In OUR COUNTRY ... We have had enough,and I hope that the "Supremes" think so too ... TS

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    You got that right TS. Nice new avatar you made.
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