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    Sweden proposes to change permanent residence permits to temporary

    Sweden proposes to change permanent residence permits to temporary

    Sweden proposes to change permanent residence permits to temporary

    'I would be worried if I had permanent residency,' says head of Migration Agency

    SATURDAY 11:00, 19 NOVEMBER 2022

    File photo

    Sweden has proposed amendments to its migration law in an attempt to change permanent residence to temporary, local media reported on Friday.

    Mikael Ribbenvik, the general director of the Migration Agency, told SVT Nyheter that “an investigation will look into in what circumstances existing permanent residence permits could be turned into temporary residence permits."

    “This would be the first time this has happened in Sweden. We haven’t had this before," Ribbenvik sai

    At present, those with temporary residence permits can extend their permits if the Migration Agency finds that an applicant still fulfills the requirements before issuing a new permit.

    Currently, around 300,000 people in Sweden hold permanent residence permits and are allowed to stay in the country indefinitely without any further checks or restrictions.

    Ribbenvik stated that he understands that these people could be worried by the proposal.

    The plan is to "investigate whether permanent residence permits can be changed to temporary, I would be worried about that," he warned.

    Sweden Democrat-backed government’s plans to abolish permanent residency is another step against immigration in the country.

    Last month, human rights organizations criticized a deal that was reached between the right-wing government and Sweden Democrats, called the Tido Agreement, which enables the far-right Sweden Democrats to have a powerful say in drafting new laws

    The deal proposes drastic immigration measures and a reduction of refugees coming into Sweden, from 5,000 per year to just 900.

    It further requires the abolishment of the permanent residence permit system and the possible return of people who have not integrated.

    Furthermore, Swedish citizenship requirements are also to be tightened and the right to family reunification are to be set to a minimum EU level.

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