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Thread: Talk Radio Host Doug McIntyre Slams John McCain's Amnesty Scheme

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    Talk Radio Host Doug McIntyre Slams John McCain's Amnesty Scheme

    On KABC 790 (Los Angeles) this morning; he said the obvious that the rest of the media is ignoring: that we went down this road already in 1986 where we were stuck with the amnesty that was immediate while the enforcement never happened. We got burned!

    And we already have a visa tracking system, but the problem is it's never enforced like the other laws; see all the sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce the immigration laws on the books. What do you think would happen now?!
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    There have been approximately 7 amnesties including 1986 until now and, as we know, they don't work. Send the illegals back to their countries and let them build them up so we don't have a constant invasion of welfare cases their countries in name only want to pawn off on the U.S.

    The only thing wrong with our current immigration laws is that the U.S. Government lacks the intestinal fortitude to enforce them. If our government enforced the immigration laws, illegals would get the message in a hurry and many would self-deport.

    Oh wait, I forgot. Our politicians are only doing this for the votes that they hope to get and to hell with what's best for America!

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