Ted Cruz: The Loser With No Future In The Senate Where He Is Wildly Popular And Imitated

Posted on October 21, 2013 by Mark Horne

NPR’s Morning Edition story on Ted Cruz was laughable.

First, we are told that Cruz failed. No one seems to consider that he 1) only needs to win over his constituents, 2) that they might give him credit for trying, and 3) that they might blame others in the GOP for not backing him.

Next we are told that Cruz is a joke with no future in the Senate. The story quotes John Feehery, as well-known Republican consultant I have never heard of before.
Well it depends on what he wants to do with his life, you know. If he wants to be a long-term Senator who actually gets things done, alienating every single person in both bodies is not a way to do it…
But he didn’t alienate every single person in both bodies. Not even close.

…But if he wants to be a talk show host or go the way of Sarah Palin, he’s going the right way. I mean he’s going to have to have a passionate following—people who listen to talk radio shows, people who listen to Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin. But if he wants to actually get stuff done this is no way to do it.

He goes on to say that a Senator without political allies is useless. Since Cruz has proven he does have allies in the House of Representatives and in the Senate, despite a national hate campaign against him, I would say that Feehery’s observations work against his thesis.

The tenor of NPR’s report plainly sides with Feehery’s perspective, but the facts they go on to report completely contradict that perspective.
First they quote Ross Ramsey to give Cruz grudging acknowledgment for showing amazing influence for a first-time Senator. Then they tell us that this “useless” Senator “without political allies” is super popular in Texas so much so that former “moderates” are now imitating him in order to win elections!

If you think, in the aftermath of the shutdown mess, conservative politicians are now running away from the freshman Senator as fast as they can, think again. Ramsey says, in Texas at least, Republican candidates are doing everything they can to sound just like Ted Cruz—including the state’s lieutenant governor David Dewhurst, who used to consider himself a thoughtful mainstream Republican. But, Ramsey says, that was before Dewhurst got crushed in the primary by Cruz when both ran for the US Senate last year. [Ramsey’s voice:] “This is playing pretty well in Texas. All of the Republicans in the House and the Senate voted with him. If you watch the candidates who are forming up for the March 4 primaries in Texas on the Republican side, they’re all sounding notes that you might hear from a Cruz campaign…
So do you get the message? The Senator who shut down the government without any political allies and who every single Texas Republican is trying to sound like has no future because he alienates every single person in both bodies.

Makes complete sense.

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