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    Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Praying for Spiritual Revival In America

    David Brody CBN News Chief Political Correspondent

    It was a sight to behold inside a conference ballroom at the downtown Marriott hotel in Des Moines, Iowa, as hundreds of Iowa pastors called out to God and prayed over two U.S. senators, both of whom seem interested in running for president of the United States.

    Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Rand Paul came to Iowa Friday to speak at this Pastors and Pews event, organized by influential evangelical political operative David Lane. The Brody File got an up close look and access to the private event. We will be posting compelling video early next week. For now, we are releasing a few pictures from the event.

    Ted Cruz, who received a warm greeting, spoke for about 30 minutes and then took questions from the audience. He outlined how he championed religious freedom cases ranging from the Ten Commandments to the Mojave Cross case. He touched on how to go about eliminating Obamacare; he called for abolishing the IRS (which received a standing ovation), and on the issue of marriage he said, “There’s no issue where we need to be more on our knees…we are facing an assault on marriage.”

    On spiritual matters, he told the pastors that, “We are in a battle to turn this country around.” Later, in a one-on-one sit-down interview with The Brody File, he said this country is badly in need of spiritual revival (More on those comments coming Monday). He charged the pastors to step up and speak boldly about the issues facing our country today. He compared all of them to Esther, saying the biblical woman was put in a position of leadership, “for such a time as this.”

    Afterwards, pastors gathered around Cruz and his father (who was on hand for the conference) to pray for them (More on this next week as well).

    As for Rand Paul, he spoke for about 20 minutes and then the pastors prayed for the senator and his wife Kelly. Paul spent the bulk of his time explain how liberty, freedom, and virtue go hand in hand. His biggest applause lines came when he talked about his dedication to the pro-life issue and how he believes America needs to cut off aid to countries that hate America.

    He briefly addressed his foreign policy views, explaining that we should be focused on peace not war. He invoked the name of Jesus saying how He says in the Bible, “Blessed are the peacemakers.” However, he made clear that he was not against war and if war was necessary, he would make sure America would win it decisively (More from my one-on-one sit-down interview with Rand Paul coming on Monday as well)

    There’s no doubt Paul and Cruz have begun thinking about running for president in 2016 and this event was a chance to introduce themselves to a pivotal group of pastors who will play a significant role in the presidential selection process since Iowa is always the first state in the nation to vote. However, the main goal of the two-day conference was to really motivate pastors to speak boldly about issues from the pulpit and to awake Christian voters, who may agree that America’s culture is going in the toilet, but sit on their hands and do nothing about it.

    While getting more evangelicals to the polls is a political goal of the conference, there is a much deeper spiritual purpose. These pastors want to see spiritual revival in America. Speaker after speaker implored them to simply preach the word from the Bible and leave the outcome to God. A big theme was praying for another Great Awakening in this country but the pastors here agreed that it could only come if evangelicals truly repent and get down on their knees in prayer. In other words, there won’t be any Great Awakening if Christians don’t get serious in their prayer life.

    Other highlights of the conference: RNC Chairman Reince Priebus was on hand. The pastors prayed for him as well (Picture below). On Monday, we’ll have more on the back-story as to why Chairman Priebus was there in the first place.

    Another side note: After the conference, we met up with Ted Cruz’s father at a Perkins restaurant in Des Moines! (Picture below) The exclusive interview comes Monday. Wait until you hear what he has to say about his son. You won’t want to miss it.

    It’s all part of The Brody File’s trip to Iowa.

    The Brody File: Don’t mess with us. We’re everywhere. We’re the exclusive place for the intersection of faith and politics. Remember our motto: We’re a combination of Meet the Press, a dash of Comedy Central and a sprinkling of Jesus!

    See you Monday and all next week with lots more video and analysis.
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    We need to call out and expose the counterfeit conservatives like Rand Paul. Although he voted against the Gang of Eight amnesty bill he has a scheme of his own FOR AMNESTY. He calls it "Trust but Verify" which basically is a nebulas scheme to grant incremental, piecemeal, amnesty linked to monitoring border security. As Michelle Melkin observed, "It is not border control first; it is border control period." Controlling our border does not require giving amnesty to one single illegal alien. I called Rand Paul's office and they said "he is against amnesty." But I think he is playing the old labels shell game. I am not aware that he has changed his mind about his "Trust but Verify" amnesty scheme.

    Recently he could not hold his tongue and he scorned patriots who want illegal aliens to leave the country. "They're (illegal aliens) not going home." Mr. Paul proclaimed. And why is that, is it because you and your ilk have no intention of passing legislation to make them leave, or take away the magnet that draws them here (better jobs, food stamps, etc.)? Take away the magnet and they will have no reason to stay here and leave on their own. But Mr. Paul, who surely must of heard the "magnet" argument refuses to acknowledge it. He says "What do they (patriots who want illegal aliens to "go home") want us to do put them in concentration camps...?"

    I think it is obvious that Mr. Paul wants amnesty, but he is trying to obfuscate his position on this issue because he has dreams of the Presidency dancing in his head.

    Amnesty will be political suicide and devastate the conservative movement when tens of million of illegal aliens become hardcore Democrat voters. You can not be a legitimate conservative and for amnesty--get the message, Mr. libertarian freedom fighter. There are a great many political neophytes who are enamored with flashy showmen like Rand Paul. We need to stop these people from being manipulated into supporting politicians who peruse very bad policies that will hurt, more like devastate, our country and our future.

    If immigration laws are ever to have any meaning or effectiveness, illegal aliens must leave the country. Mr. Paul and his ilk do not want to acknowledge the truth of this fact; therefore, we must never support them.

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