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    Ted Nugent Nails Immigration Reform; It Begins With Mexico

    By John J. Kirkwood , CP Op-Ed Contributor
    July 15, 2013|9:42 am

    (Photo: Reuters/Larry Downing)
    Candidates swear in as United States citizens during a Special Naturalization Ceremony for 30 U.S. citizen candidates in the Cash Room at the U.S. Treasury Department in Washington, July 3, 2013.

    Watching Democrats do immigration reform is like watching a guerrilla play with its feces. Watching the Republicans do it is like watching the zookeeper slip in the dung, then get pummeled by the guerrilla. The truth is that Democrats and the Whig corner of the Republican Party are battling over who gets to be the slave master, with Democrats wanting to enslave the American people and the Whigs - the Mexicans. There are few voices out there that sound like real Republicans, like our abolitionist forefathers who displaced both parties and led the nation to greater freedom.

    One voice crying in the wilderness is Ted Nugent. In an op-ed for Worldnet Daily, Ted proposes his Nugent Immigration Plan or NIP - A plan that would deport gang-bangers and ne'er-do-wells while giving a five-year trek to those who want to achieve citizenship for a better future. It's kind of like a 60 month Tough Mudder but instead of receiving the orange headband at the end, you raise your Dos Equis to the golden ticket of American freedom. Ted's plan is unique, brilliant and daring and if enacted, would solve many of the problems of illegal immigration but even the Ted offensive falls short of realizing the root of the problem that is illegal immigration – Mexico.

    You will never have "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" without addressing the root problem - Mexican corruption. No wall is sufficient to stem the tide of illegals if there is no enforcement on either side of it. The wall will simply be another government works program, a "Big-Dig- Paved with Good Intentions - Bridge to Nowhere" debacle that will be skirted as easy as the cartels avoid our border police. Not addressing the corruption in Mexico and only muting the corruption in D.C. is "tending to the symptoms while ignoring the disease;" it is giving a dying man a placebo. No plan that doesn't start and end in Mexico is for real. Now let's break down this whole situation logically.

    There is no talk of building a wall along our northern border and it's not because Canadians respect the law more intrinsically than Mexicans; it's because Canadians have hope. The reason that the Mexicans stream over our southern border is because America affords them a greater hope than the armpit in which they currently reside. Is anyone so arrogant to believe that Mexicans here illegally no longer want to be Mexican and wouldn't stay in their homeland were they afforded opportunity? Why do you think that many of them track home in the winter months or fly their flags on Cinqo de Mayo? Mexicans aren't just fleeing to opportunity; they're fleeing from corruption and hopelessness. This is the root of the problem and no one is addressing it.

    We don't need reform; we need solutions! But before I present mine, let me tip my hat to one of Uncle Ted's solutions. First we must make the distinction between honest, hard working Mexicans and the sloth/criminal class that simply wants to Tony Montana the system or suck off the American teat. Ted says, "Illegal aliens trying to become an American are not eligible for any state or federal crack welfare during the five-year Nuge immigration probationary period. None. When the going gets tough, the tough Wango ze Tango."

    "A child of an illegal immigrant who is a member of a gang will result in the entire family being sent back to Mexico. This will result in the family being permanently barred from ever applying for citizenship in America. There are no appeals. We need strong families, not strong gangs."

    The real reason that we allow criminals and welfare rights from other countries to linger is that it is politically expedient for the Democrats. Where is the outcry from the Republicans? Why is it that Republicans run like Reagan only to govern like Mondale? Schwarzenegger follows Davis and then out-liberals him; Rubio defeats Crist and then becomes Schumer's sock puppet.

    Rubio is right about one thing - "de facto amnesty," we do have it; we just don't have it in the way that he means it. The Mexican government has been granted amnesty for too long as they outsource dependency to American taxpayers. They should be put on notice that what they have perpetrated is an act of war and it won't be tolerated. First we publicly state that the drug cartels and Mexican corruption have done more to harm Mexico and the US of A than Iraq and Afghanistan. So how about we bring our troops home, drop some sanctions south of the border and prepare to liberate Mexico.

    Oh, I don't mean American boots on the ground there, though I wouldn't mind using armed drones against the cartels. Nugent's plan was to teach American history to the male immigrants as they build a wall on the southern border; my plan goes further. Mexicans that love freedom and opportunity in America would love it even more in Mexico, so let's subsidize freedom in Mexico. In the long run, it pays for itself and it's a heck of a lot cheaper than subsidizing 12 million future Democrats.

    Once we deport the felonious, we ask our Mexican brothers to come out of the shadows and participate in the Nehemiah program. Nehemiah's people rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem with a trowel in one hand and a sword in the other. Here's the sword and the trowel in our program: An ROTC type program where the male of military age learns about freedom and trains to defend it. The program would be conducted by Hillsdale College and the US Army's Green Berets with Hillsdale teaching the Declaration, the Constitution and the path of freedom and the Army teaching how to shoot, blow up and/or run a bayonet through those that threaten it. Upon completion, the graduate would be issued a diploma, a copy of the federalist papers and an M-4 with two thousand rounds of ammunition.

    If in the five years that it takes to graduate, the Mexican government hasn't reformed its ways, then we would encourage the millions of warrior/statesmen in the Zorro brigades to visit their homeland and make things right. We would offer them air cover and material support. In essence, everything we promised the Cubans before a Democrat turned that operation into the "Bay of Pigs."

    If the Nehemiah graduate decided upon graduation that he wanted to stay in America then we would offer a one on one "prisoner exchange" with Mexico - we would keep the graduate and send to Mexico any politician who had voted to compromise the sovereignty of the United States for cheap political gain. We would retain a freedom lover who appreciated the capitalist system and had the know how to defend it and we'd lose a traitor who has done his best to subvert it.

    After all, what do you think a Mexican really wants: indentured servitude in the USA or true freedom and opportunity in the land of his fathers?
    Support our FIGHT AGAINST illegal immigration & Amnesty by joining our E-mail Alerts at

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    Exclusive: Ted Nugent explains his process whereby only 'hump-busters' become citizens

    Published: 05/08/2013 at 7:41 PM


    If we get just one thing right regarding the immigration confusion, let’s demand common sense from our professional political clowns who could and would write a 300-page instruction manual on how to tie your shoes.

    Everything worthwhile comes from maximum effort. All legal immigrants who are willing to bust their hump and prove they want to be a glowing, positive asset to America, like always, are welcome. Everyone else should be forced to vamoose back to Mexico, especially the crazy people who want America to become as rotten as the place they escaped. We don’t need any more bloodsuckers.

    In America, nothing worth having comes easy or cheap. We should erect tough hurdles and tests in front of all immigrants to deter those not willing to try hard.

    Those who are willing to apply Herculean effort to become a productive American should have a welcome mat put out in front of them, losers not so much. We already have way more than we can handle.

    The Nuge Immigration Plan (NIP) takes five years for even illegal immigrants to become Americans. Until then, they should be treated like indentured servants, meaning that they have to earn their citizenship.

    The NIP is not an amnesty program. Amnesty is for left-wing mollycoddlers, losers, bureaucrats and hippies. Occupy that.

    We need a real full-length, undefeatable border fence built. All illegal men in America should be required to work on building the fence, to be completed in one year. We would pay them minimum wage, provide food and shelter, and provide them English and American history classes at night. Everyone wins.

    Illegal aliens trying to become an American are not eligible for any state or federal crack welfare during the five-year Nuge immigration probationary period. None.

    When the going gets tough, the tough Wango ze Tango.

    A child of an illegal immigrant who is a member of a gang will result in the entire family being sent back to Mexico. This will result in the family being permanently barred from ever applying for citizenship in America. There are no appeals. We need strong families, not strong gangs.

    Any man or woman who is a known member of a street rat gang will be tossed out of the country and is not eligible to return. If he or she is caught re-entering America, we will apply Sheriff Joe Arpaio justice.

    Because learning English in order to be an asset to your fellow Americans is the first common-sense rung on the American Dream ladder, all illegal immigrants must be fluent in the English language at the end of my five-year plan and pass a U.S. Constitution and history exam, including what a scoundrel Santa Anna was.

    Any felony conviction during the five-year immigration probationary period just bought the person a one-way ticket back to his home nation – you remember, the hell hole you desperately wanted to get the hell out of. He or she will be permanently barred from ever coming back to America. We do not need any more criminal thugs.

    The anchor baby scam should be immediately rescinded. You don’t need to be a constitutional expert like our president to know that the original intent of the 14th Amendment was not to provide citizenship to illegal women or their babies who are born on American soil.

    Our massively ignorant, politically correct, terminally boondoggled juggernaut of a federal government should immediately cease printing any signs or literature in Spanish or any other language.

    The most racist thing our government does is to print literature in Spanish, thereby encouraging people not to learn English and deny themselves all the American Dream has to offer.

    Illegal Mexicans in America on the NIP pathway to citizenship should be proud of their Mexican heritage. They should be more proud to be an American and teach their children that Mexico is the old country they wanted out of. America is the new country they pledge allegiance to, because it is better. Much better.

    There is an old Mexican saying that goes: Never ask God to give you anything; ask Him to put you where things are.

    America is where things are, and the American Dream is worth sacrificing and busting your hump for. How bad do you want it?


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