If farmers need immigrants to pick their fruit and vegetables, bring them in for a season then send the back home. A season is either summer or winter fruit and vegetables. The past guest workers programs did not work because it ended up with new and more guest workers needed year after year. Because they did not come back to pick fruit and vegetables the next season. They went on into the inner cities to work in restaurants, construction, state and city jobs, food processing plants, offices, warehouse, hotels and casinos and yard work, etc.. These are jobs they took from Americans. Jobs they do for lesser wages than Americans. Then we have those coming in, going straight to the inner cities claiming they are doing jobs Americans will not do. No one has been able to tell us what those jobs are that Americans will not do. These are jobs that Americans are not doing because illegal aliens are doing them. The real reason business hire illegal aliens is not always because they work for lower wages but because they work harder and produce more for the wages they do get and they are afraid to complain because they are illegal and could lose their jobs and be deported if they did. So business get more work for the wages they do pay with less complaints. Business take advantage of the fact that they are illegal workers.

The temporary guest workers have become millions in the inner city taking jobs from Americans.

Business need to be held accountable for hiring illegals and illegals need to be arrested and deported with their children, the ones they brought here and they ones that were born here. They are still their minor children and their responsibility were ever they are. We do not separate their families, they do. We do not stop them from bringing children here and will not stop them from taking them when they leave. Children are not anchors. Those that they brought here did not know the English and the culture, but they learn English and when they take them home they will learn Spanish and the culture.
When they are deported or leave on their own, they will be replaced with Americans or legal immigrant workers that will again have a chance at the American Dream.

We cannot round up and deport 20 million illegal aliens? Yes we can.

Enforce our immigration laws, as ICE is doing, and there will be no jobs for them and they will leave and they will not come. We do not need illegal immigration when our laws provides for legal immigration. Controlled legal immigration.

A temporary guest worker program should be temporary and never permanent.