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    Term Limits Needed

    I was just listening to Laura Ingrham and she brought up a subject she said she used to be against, but now SUPPORTS.
    She said it was time for Term Limits in Congress. I have always thought it was a good idea, considering even the President can only serve 8 years.
    I was thinking that 2 terms for Senators (12 years) and 5 terms for Represenatives (10 years).
    I know, we would lose some good people, BUT we would also weed out the BAD! Look at some of these people in DC...MY GOD, Ted Kennedy has been there for over 40 YEARS!!!
    Robert Byrd, over 50!!!! If THE PEOPLE (us), start Petitions and get this put on the Ballot, WE THE PEOPLE can TELL THESE ELITIST ENOUGH!
    Please give me your feedback? I know it is a scary subject in DC, that is why we need it. Another suggesion, Supreme Court Justices NO LONGER there FOR LIFE?...How about 10-15 years MAX?
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    not only term limits... but they also need a special BUTTON on computers.. where if they do to us the AMERICAN people.. "the legal ones" - what they are trying to do this week with this SCAM bill...

    WE CAN HIT this button... the FLOOR will drop out and they will fall into the FIRE..

    Sick... this is so sick...

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    I have been for term limits for a long time. One of the reasons I became a republican is the "contract with america" in 1994. One of the provisions was term limits. We need term limits here in Texas as well as national term limits.
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