Exclusive: Mychal Massie paints scenario whereby U.S. is overwhelmed with illness

June 30,2014
In a piece titled, “They’re not telling us the truth,” I wrote: “Clinton, Bush and Obama, et al., have positioned us in harm’s way by providing an accommodating environment for these illegal disease carriers. It is not my contention that everyone who crosses the border illegally is diseased or a disease carrier. I am saying, the fact that we do not know which ones are and which ones are not puts us in peril. … I confess that when I walk into an uptown restaurant and see illegals in the kitchen or busing tables, I am concerned.” (, March 2012) In fact, we should all be concerned.

It is a fact that no one, not government nor anyone else, can begin to quantify the danger we face from disease borne by illegal aliens. Illegals coming from Third World countries are not the rich and well-educated who were able to seek health care in their country of origin. They are the least-educated and the poorest. And let there be no question they are infected disease carriers. But, the government won’t tell us that. Foolish and misguided Americans are blind to the terror they are advocating, as they push to have illegal aliens be rewarded with citizenship for breaking our sovereign laws. They ignorantly fancy themselves as showing “divine love” when in reality they are sentencing their communities to untold potential misery.

“According to the border health care official, area hospitals have diagnosed cases of infectious diarrhea, multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, scabies, chickenpox, and growing numbers of sexually transmitted diseases. … If they continue to flow into the United States, the illegal immigrant population will quickly overwhelm our resources and leave officials with limited options.” (Sara Carter, “Potential for a Public Health Disaster: Illegal Immigrant Surge Leaves Officials With No Idea Which Diseases Are Coming Across,” June 24)

As I have said many times, I haven’t read anything that suggested Mary Mallon was an unlikeable person. And yet, her nom de plume struck fear in the bravest of men. What was her nom de plume? It was “Typhoid Mary,” and she was responsible for infecting over 50 people (the truth being that it could have been many more than that) in her career as a cook.

Illegal-alien shantytowns are springing up along our southern border. Closely following the construction of these cesspools of infectious disease will be television commercials asking us to send money to help these poor people. But what will not be referenced is the devastating effect the introduction of illegal-alien children into the public school system is now having. In March of 2010, 50 students and teachers at Lilburn Middle in Gwinnett County, Georgia, a suburb in Atlanta, tested positive for tuberculosis (TB) exposure, with four confirmed cases of active TB. In 2009, approximately 200 students at the county’s Norcross High School underwent testing, after TB was discovered at the school. (See “Another Inconvenient Truth About Illegal Immigration … Disease,” Dave Gibson, April 18 Atlanta has become a sanctuary city for illegals.

As Gibson noted, illegals pouring across our borders are bringing with them a plethora of diseases, such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, dengue fever, chagas and leprosy. Chagas disease is caused by a parasite known as trypanosome. It is a blood-borne disease spread by triatomine insects. The parasite burrows into human tissue (usually in the face), where it then begins to multiply. It can be spread through blood transfusions. Some illegals are also infected with immune-resistant diseases.

But all that I have referenced thus far is just foreplay. Terrorists have used a number of different of different methods to carry out death in America. A grown man and a teenager in a beat-up old Oldsmobile held three states hostage and paralyzed with fear for weeks several years ago, simply by driving around indiscriminately shooting people while hiding in the trunk of the automobile. Terrorists succeeded in their second attempt to murder Americans by destroying the World Trade Center towers. There has been Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon bombing, and other attacks in New Jersey and Arkansas. Terrorists have shown eager willingness to strap on bombs and blow themselves up as a means of attack.

Imagine millions of illegal aliens pouring into our country with infectious diseases whose sole reason for being here is to infect our country with deadly illnesses. Even if not one person died from the epidemic of diseases, the cost of treating each infected person could easily bankrupt America considering the perilous economic condition we now find ourselves in. The cost of treating a person with TB is between $250,000 and $1 million.

Just think of the zeitgeist of panic if (or perhaps more accurately when) we are faced with said form of terrorism. And yet our congressmen are advocating amnesty, even as Obama is permitting tens of thousands of illegal alien children to cross the border – while foolhardy communities that believe themselves to be examples of charity and goodwill are placing us all at risk if not sentencing us to death from infectious diseases. Think about the illegals handling food in restaurants, and working and living in densely populated areas. Think about the numbers of illegals working in food wholesale preparation factories. 

Just think what a terrorist attack on a scale like that would be like.

You can read this and tell yourself it will never happen, but, how much more would it take, all things considered, to realize a terror attack on the scale I reference?