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Thread: Is there more than greed motivating the mega rich obsessoin with amnesty?

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    Is there more than greed motivating the mega rich obsessoin with amnesty?

    Why does the Chamber of Commerce make enemies of the conservatives who have defended their right to own and manage a private business? Instead they make common cause with the Marxists (who are supposed to hate their guts) against conservatives trying to stop amnesty and control the border? The fanatical obsession of billionaires and the Chamber of Commerce to push amnesty upon reluctant American citizens is very strange. Businessmen traditionally have been timid, afraid to publicly get involved in political issues because they fear it could cost them customers and adversely affect their businesses. The organized left wing boycotts used to silence conservative talk shows and businesses is based on that timidity and because of them many radio advertisers have dropped talk show ads. So then how do we explain this screw- public- opinion push for amnesty? Something other than greed seems to be motivating the behavior of these “businessmen.” Greed may explain a lot but it seems to be inadequate to explain all of it, especially when dealing with causes that clearly are unpopular with their customers.

    I am not accusing anyone of anything. I can not read people’s minds; I do not know what their real motives may be, but the hard left revels in infiltrating their enemies’ ranks with “agent provocateurs,” hard left sympathizers who promote bad ideas, create internal feuding and sabotage good policies. It is almost certain these devoted fanatics are there. Further, college youths are victims of the Marxist indoctrination that is camouflaged as higher education. Many of these college graduates become businessmen and take their hard left ideology with them. Guilt stricken they divert corporate profitsin to favorite leftwing causes especially those considered to benefit nonCaucasians (to prove they are not cryptic racists).

    I think that political ideology interacting with greed (cheap labor) would offer the best explanation as to why Mark Zucierberg, Silicon Valley’s mega rich and the Chamber of Commerce push like fanatics for amnesty and will not let go.
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    It is all about control....
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    Greed and control but they cover it perhaps even in their minds by thinking they do it for good of the world, they believe America has too much(except them of course) and wish to remedy the situation by making all of us third world like but of course does no apply to the wealthy.
    One example and I've ran into this group especially in California who have a Mexican maid they will explain how Rosie is part of the family, God help Rosie if she wishes to marry a member of there "family", liberals live in a world of hypocrisy.
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    I suspect the "Mega Rich" no longer have need for nations and are working to further the NWO/OWG as fast as possible. Dissolution of the USA, England, etc is a must for them. This pretense of compassion for 3rd world migrants is their weapon against us.
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