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President George Bush

March 29, 2006

Hello there Mr. Bush.......I am the Manager of Wal-Mart in A small Town called Shelbyville Ky, which has the Name (Little Mexico). yeah you guessed it. i am the minority in my own US town, and it keeps getting worse everyday. here is the delima. the other day i witnessed an illegal beating his wife on the side of the road he knocked out all of her teeth and broke here nose. he's in jail she's in the hospital. that is just one issue here in this little town that you have never heard of. but you are my President as well as anyone else's. i voted for your both times and i just want to be heard, as well as opening your eyes. everytime one of these immigrants pays at the register they pay with. a FEDERAL food stamp card EBT. WIC voucher's, and my Brother is a Doctor and said that everyone of them have FREE medical benefits. and they all drive New vehicles, my main question how has this Jailable offense escaped the nations' eyes for so long. it is unfair and costing this county billions of dollars. thanks for your time Mr. President

shelbyville , KY