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Thread: Time to show Boehner the door: House speaker for disregarding platform of the GOP

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    Time to show Boehner the door: House speaker for disregarding platform of the GOP


    Time to show Boehner the door

    Exclusive: Gina Loudon blasts House speaker for disregarding platform of the GOP

    Gina Loudon

    Published: 5 hours ago

    House Speaker John Boehner stated this week that he was drafting a document of GOP principles on immigration. We don’t know what’s in it yet, but we will. It’s kind of like that present you know you are going to get from your creepy uncle each Christmas. You sort of wish it wouldn’t come. It is also a little like Nancy’s Obamacare: You get to read it when the D.C. elite are damn good and ready for you little people to read it.
    This news comes on the heels of Mr. Boehner’s new hire. Following in the footsteps of GOP-fail John McCain, he has hired Rebecca Tallent. She is a known broker for sweeping immigration policy change and is heralded as the persuader of McCain’s well-shunned immigration ramblings and fumbles.
    Mr. Boehner: The GOP has “principles on immigration.” They are the U.S. Constitution and the Republican Party platform. They inconveniently marginalize the opinions of Rebecca Tallent, and yield her irrelevant, regardless of the outrageous consulting fees you are paying her to think for you. It further marginalizes you as well.
    This is the same wimpy compromise we have come to expect from GOP leadership and the reason why lifelong Republicans like me are questioning everything.
    Order Gina Loudon’s book “Ladies and Gentlemen: Why the Survival of Our Republic Depends on the Revival of Honor” – how atheism, liberalism and radical feminism have harmed the nation.
    This is what we would expect by the white-glovers in D.C. who have compromise where there should be conviction – and silly putty where there should be a spine. He is completely out of touch with the grassroots, who, by the way, put the immigration plank in the platform and expect their elected officials to use that for policy.
    Boehner is caving to Big Business and labor bosses, both of whom have already bankrupted this country and neither of whom ever supports Republicans. They smell blood in the water, and already told the New York Times they plan to seize the moment! Despite Boehner’s dreams of courting the left to win elections this year, that never works. K Street supports Democrats far more often than it supports Republicans, despite the mainstream media’s attempt to skew that data. Unions always bait Republicans, but how can Boehner compete with sleepovers at the White House? Unions and Big Business are some of the best bullies on the playground, and they know just how to pick on Boehner. He is so easy to pick off. This move by Boehner, coupled with his bigoted remarks against the GOP base (the tea party) will leave him standing alone on the stump for 2014. Nice going, Mr. Weeper!
    It is arrogant and, frankly, dishonest for Boehner to disregard the platform of the GOP for his own spineless, compromising agenda.
    We know that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. Boehner and his failed cohorts compromise and cower, and it only causes more disdain from Democrats who can’t respect them, and Republicans who wish they would go away.
    Cowardice and compromise don’t win. Conviction wins, even with political opponents. People respect those who stand and don’t salivate all over themselves for votes.
    The real losers here are the American citizens. California just rubber-stamped its first illegal immigrant officer of the court (lawyer). It is just a matter of time before the term “American citizen” has about as much meaning as the word “marriage.” It’s sad, and both legal citizens and aliens who want to be Americans are the big losers in the long run. You can’t have what you can’t define.
    Will someone please show Mr. Boehner the GOP platform? Or maybe just show him the door.
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    Long overdue for a new speaker, one who believes in conservatism and listens to the people not the media
    nor chamber of commerce.
    I'm old with many opinions few solutions.

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    Flush Boehner in '14!;;;;;;;

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