By Michael Chapman | February 20, 2013 | 10:33

The Media Research Center, parent organization of NewsBusters, rented five large billboards in Times Square over the weekend as part of our new“Stop Censoring the News” campaign to educate the public about how certain media outlets apparently are spinning their coverage or simply censoring news critical of the Obama administration to protect and promote a liberal agenda.

The five billboards are clustered together in Times Square and face in different directions, covering 3,800 square feet. Two of the signs read, “It’s Time the Liberal Media Stop Censoring the News!” and two others read, “Start Telling the Truth!” above an image of three monkeys, labeled ABC, CBS, and NBC, who are depicted as the three mystic apes that see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil.

In this instance, they apparently neither see, speak, nor hear anything negative about the Obama administration or about liberals in Congress.

The fifth billboard reads, “Demand the Media Stop CENSORING The News!” Each sign also gives the website address for the project, “”

Brent Bozell, president of the MRC, said in a statement, “During the 2012 election, the liberal media moved beyond bias. They actively and repeatedly censored any story that could have jeopardized Barack Obama’s re-election. Now in 2013, they’re censoring any story that could slow his administration’s second term agenda. Their behavior is as disgraceful as it is unprecedented.”

“These billboards – located in the hub of the liberal media’s nerve center – put them on notice,” said Bozell. “The American people are sick and tired of the establishment media’s collusion with the Obama administration, and won’t stand for a corrupt press willing to censor the news.”

The billboards are located at the corner of 7th Avenue and 48th Street in Times Square in New York City, which is close to the headquarters of The New York Times and the offices for the news divisions of ABC, CBS and NBC.
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The five billboards will be up for at least several weeks and, during that time, will be viewed by an estimated 1.4 million people each week. In addition to the highly visible presence in Times Square, the “Stop Censoring The News” campaign is being promoted by conservative talk-radio host Mark Levin, whose show is nationally syndicated and reaches 8.5 million listeners, making it the No. 4 most listened-to talk radio program in America.

At the campaign’s website, “StopCensoringTheNews.Org,” it says, “There's no question that the liberal media did everything they could to get Barack Obama reelected last year. We should all be disturbed by this fact. But particularly disturbing are the media's attempts to censor news they thought might embarrass Obama or slow down the Left's radical agenda.”

“The Media Research Center has documented numerous cases of the media suppressing stories like ‘Fast and Furious,’ Solyndra, Benghazi, and others,” reads the site, “stories that would have been major news if there had been a conservative in the White House. It's time the American people stand against this lack of integrity and blatant abuse of power by the national media.”

The webpage then invites readers to sign an online petition “demanding the so-called ‘news’ media stop censoring news which exposes the failed liberal agenda.”

Times Square Billboards: