Tom Perez’s DOL Staff Knew Clinton Acted Inappropriately

Today, Secretary Clinton is expected to accept the endorsement of Department of Labor Secretary Tom Perez.

America Rising submitted a FOIA request to the Department of Labor asking for correspondence sent or received by Rachel Vera in the Records department regarding Clinton’s private email scandal. Vera and Office of Asset and Resource Management (OARM) Director Tanisha Bynum Frazier sent emails back and forth on the topic revealing that these records specialists knew immediately what Clinton did was inappropriate.

Responses included:

“What in the heck was State thinking???”
“…you may want to share with the group as to how NOT to handle things and how you can end up in nationwide news”
“So glad I’m not working there…lol…but I’m sure our PA are no better.”

What’s clear from this correspondence is that employees in Secretary Perez’s Department knew immediately that Clinton’s actions were inappropriate and a brazen effort to avoid Freedom of Information laws. Even political appointees of President Obama knew right away what Secretary Clinton did was wrong.

At today’s event, Secretary Perez should be asked if he agrees with Secretary Clinton or his own employees who identified Clinton’s unethical behavior immediately.

See below for the responsive documents from the Department of Labor:

Department of Labor Responsive Documents – Clinton Email Scandal