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Thread: Tow Truck Driver Refuses Service To Bernie Sanders Supporter

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    Question Tow Truck Driver Refuses Service To Bernie Sanders Supporter

    Tow Truck Driver Refuses Service To Bernie Sanders Supporter

    Tow Truck Driver Refuses Service To Bernie Sanders Supporter

    "... it doesn’t say ‘freebie' ..."

    Kevin Whitson May 5, 2016 at 1:38pm

    A South Carolina tow truck driver caused a national firestorm when he refused to tow what was left of a Bernie Sanders supporter’s wrecked automobile. Kenneth Shupe, who runs Shupee Max Towing, was called to travel over 50 miles from Greenville County, S.C., to Asheville, NC.

    Upon arrival and after starting to hook up Cassy McWade’s vehicle, Shupe noticed the “Bernie 2016” stickers and signs on McWade’s car, something Shupe called “Sanders stuff.”

    Shupe, who says he is a conservative Christian and supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, said his business history in dealing with socialist-minded clients has left somewhat of a sour taste in his mouth because he hasn’t been paid. So he politely declined to tow Cassy McWade’s car, leaving her on the side of the road. He told McWade to “call the government” for a tow.

    “I noticed … the Bernie Sanders sign in her back window. … Every business dealing in recent history that I’ve had with a socialist-minded person, I haven’t gotten paid. I own the truck. The side of the truck says ‘Shupee,’ it doesn’t say ‘freebie,’” Shupe told Adrian Acosta of Fox News Carolina. He said every time he does he gets “berned, with an E, not a U.”

    Cassy’s mother, Kelle McWade, told reporters she’s very upset over Shupe’s refusal to tow her daughter’s car because she’s a Sanders supporter, adding that her daughter is disabled. Shupe said he wasn’t aware of that.

    “Trump’s motto is, ‘Make America great again.’ This kind of divisive behavior and hatefulness is not what’s going to make America great again. … If you’re discriminating against somebody based on whatever their affiliation is, then that is bigotry,” Kelle McWade said.

    Cassy McWade reportedly waited about four hours to be towed home.

    Fox Carolina consulted with Steve Saunders, an attorney. Saunders opined he did not feel like any laws were broken by Shupe because political status is not protected like race, religion and sexuality. Since no contract existed between the two parties, Shupe was free to deny service, Saunders said.

    Sanders supporters seemed to go on the attack after hearing what happened. A Facebook page for Shupee Max Towing was set up and Shupe’s company was given a 1-star rating by more than 1,400 reviewers. Many shared with Shupe exactly how they feel about his actions.

    “You suck as a human being,” Charlotte Herbert posted. “You may be free to choose who you do business with, but you are not free of the consequences of that choice.”

    Page Braswell gave a 1-star review and posted: “I feel so sorry for you, sir. You’ve been deceived. What you did was not what Jesus asks of his followers. I do hope that you’ll see the error of your ways, and seek forgiveness. I do hope that this never happens to you.”

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    Should have been paid up front (deposit) with credit card if that was his concern. Driving over 100 miles round trip and collecting no money, hate mail and whatever else is coming may not have been a good business decision on this man's part. Towing the car would have at least given him an account receivable to collect. He wasted his time and money for nothing but bad press.

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