Trump Adviser: Rubio ‘Defrauded The People Of Florida’ For $1 Million, ‘Should Return It With Interest’

2 Mar 2016
Washington D.C.

Donald Trump’s senior policy adviser, Stephen Miller, says that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)79%
has “defrauded the state of Florida.” Miller said that Rubio ought to “take the million dollars in salary” that he’s received as Florida’s Senator and “should return it to Florida with interest.”

“Florida voters have been defrauded by Rubio,” Miller told Stephen K. Bannon on Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily Sirius XM. “He’s been paid a million dollars in salary by the federal government to serve as Florida’s Senator, and he has the worst voting record in the United States Senate.”

“He should take the million dollar of his salary and return it to the federal tax payer– with interest,” Miller declared.

Miller said that Rubio not only has the “worst attendance record in the Senate,” but that he also has “the worst legislative record for a Republican.”

"There are other Republicans who voted for the Gang of Eight and voted for Obamatrade like he [Rubio] did– but he not only voted for Obamatrade, he said it was the pillar of his presidency. And he not only voted for the Gang of Eight — he authored the Gang of Eight, and he sold the Gang of Eight on a bill of falsehoods. So he has the worst legislative record of any Republican. But in terms of attendance, he has the worst record in the Senate."

Miller–who described Rubio’s record as “abominable”– said that Rubio has taken money from Florida taxpayers and has done the exact opposite of what he promised them he would do.

"Florida sent him to the Senate in 2010 and was paid a million dollars by Florida state taxpayers to be Florida’s Senator. He’s proceeded to have the worst voting record in the Senate, and on top of that he campaigned against [Charlie] Crist on the promise to block amnesty, and his only achievement in the Senate has been to pass the Obama-supported Gang of Eight bill through the Senate. That’s his only achievement… He defrauded the people of Florida. What did they get for their million dollars of salary that they paid for Marco Rubio? He promised them he would fight amnesty. He became amnesty’s biggest champion in Congress. He has the worst voting record: he’s missed hearing after hearing after hearing. He’s pushed legislation that would take what happened at Disney, and make it vastly more widespread across Florida and the country. That is an abominable record. Florida voters have been defrauded by Sen. Rubio, which is why– again– he should take the million dollars in salary, he should return it to Florida with interest. And he also owes an apology to all the victims of illegal alien crime, because when they needed help instead of providing support and aid and comfort– he provided support and aid and comfort to the open borders globalists in their push to make it easier to come into the United States illegally."

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