Trump Campaign Sets Fundraising Record: More Than $5 Million in Small Donations in One Day

1 Sep 2016

Donald Trumpís campaign digital director Brad Parscale said that the campaign raised more than $5 million dollars worth of small online donations, under $200, in a single day, not counting donations sent by mail or phone.

The amount is reportedly a new daily record for the campaign.

Trump raised $37 million in July, with 64 percent coming from small-dollar donors. Hillary Clinton raised $63 million, with only 36 percent of her campaignís donations totaling less than $200.

The billionaire businessman is running a nimble campaign with only about 80 staffers, while Clinton is navigating the field with a staff nearly ten times larger. Trump has self-funded his campaign with $50 million.

So far, the Clinton campaign has spent $77 million on television ads, while the Trump campaign has spent only $5 million, beginning in August ó and Clinton has lost her media-manufactured, post-convention bounce heading into the last two months before Election Day.