By Gabby Morrongiello • 2/7/16 3:22 PM

PLYMOUTH, N.H. — Donald Trump on Sunday continued to push his claim that the audience at Saturday's GOP debate was stacked with "wealthy donors." The Republican presidential hopeful even suggested that some donors purchased scalped tickets from Saint Anselm students who'd received them at no cost.

"They went out, because they're rich, and they bought the tickets from the kids that were giving the tickets," Trump said of the elder members of the audience. "The kids made a fortune last night."

Trump drew heavy boos from the audience Saturday evening when he criticized the the crowd from his lectern, claiming many were financially backing former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

"That's all of his donors and special interests out there," Trump said.

"You could see their pockets," he added Sunday, during his campaign rally at Plymouth State University. "I looked at that audience and I said, 'This is really tough,' because I have an audience and I am their worst nightmare because I'm not taking their money."

"I'm richer than they are," he added, reassuring his supporters that he's self-funding his presidential campaign.

Seconds later, after suggesting students had scalped their tickets, Trump turned around and accused the Republican National Committee of not distributing any tickets to students of the host campus.

"I was told, 'Oh no, we gave them to the children of the college.' They didn't give them to the children of the college, unless the child is 50 or 40 years old and lives on Park Avenue," he said.