27 Oct 2016

Thursday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump accused the media of attempting to “poison” the mind of the American voter.

Trump said, “I could just speak for myself that I don’t want to mention a specific act, but so often they’ll say, ‘Oh, Donald Trump said this or he said that, and what I said was fine. If a Democrat had said it, if Hillary had said it, they wouldn’t have even thought about it, but I’ll say something that’s perfect and next day it’s headlines. Donald Trump said this or that.”

He continued, “I went to an Ivy League school. I was a good student. I’m a very smart person. I know what I’m saying. Sometimes I’ll say something absolutely perfect and I’ll get a call after an interview, like with you, ‘did you say this or that?’ And they’ll skew it so unfairly.”

He added, “They don’t really, because what happens—you poison their minds—you really do. The media poisons the mind of the American voter. They do. It’s unfair, but the thing is, the American voter is really smart. I mean I’m going to see how smart they are, but the American voter, I think the American voter is smarter than the media.”