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Thread: Trump Rallies Draw Huge Crowds. Does It Matter?

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    Trump Rallies Draw Huge Crowds. Does It Matter?

    1 Nov 2016

    EAU CLAIRE, Wisconsin — Donald Trump has been drawing large, capacity crowds at his rallies across the country over the past week, dwarfing — by far — most of the crowds at Hillary Clinton events.

    But the evidence from new voter registration and early voting leans somewhat in Clinton’s favor, overall.

    That raises the question: do Trump’s crowds mean anything — and if so, what?

    Joel B. Pollak
    Panoramic shot of #Trump rally in #LasVegas as seen from media pen

    10:44 AM - 30 Oct 2016

    “Crowds don’t vote,” as the saying goes. Nowhere was that more true than in the Democratic primary in California. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) drew massive audiences all across the Golden State, filing stadiums and leaving many thousands outside.

    The polls were also close, showing Sanders catching up to Clinton even reaching a dead heat in some instances.

    But in the end, Clinton out-performed the polls, trouncing Sanders soundly — by double-digits.

    Joel B. Pollak
    Panoramic shot of crowd cheering @realDonaldTrump as he appears onstage in Greeley #Colorado

    3:30 PM - 30 Oct 2016

    The fact is that Hillary Clinton has had years — decades, even — to build an organization, and has a ground game that Donald Trump could not hope to match even if he had tried. So while Sanders was wowing the crowds — and the media — with his big rallies, Clinton was quietly making sure voters showed up at the polls or mailed in their ballots. That quiet, disciplined work paid off handsomely.

    Trump has several advantages that Sanders does not. For one thing, Sanders relied heavily on younger voters, who are among the least likely to vote in the end.

    Joel B. Pollak
    Panoramic shot of thousands in hangar for #Trump #Albuquerque #NewMexico rally

    6:21 PM - 30 Oct 2016

    But the idea that Trump can win still depends largely on the idea that there are “hidden Trump” voters who are not showing up in the polls and who will turn out in significant numbers on Election Day.

    That could very well be the case — but it is impossible, by definition, to say with any degree of certainty.

    Joel B. Pollak
    Panoramic shot of crowd before #GrandRapids #Michigan #Trump rally. Hall capacity 6,200, crowd probably 8,000 w/floor

    9:25 AM - 31 Oct 2016

    In addition, the crowds at Trump rallies are not necessarily indications of broader support. All we know is that they are evidence that he has an energized core of fans. They may be more energized now, after the FBI re-opened its investigation into Clinton’s email server, and after Clinton was caught cheating in the primary debates, and so on.

    Yet many of the people at Trump’s rallies are long-time supporters. It is likely that a large rally does have some effect on voters in the surrounding area — otherwise, Clinton herself would not bother doing them — but Clinton’s “bird-dogging” has turned some of that effect negative. (Even today, after the success of James O’Keefe and Project Veritas in exposing the truth, many — perhaps most — Democrats still think Donald Trump incited violence at his rallies, and view his events with horror.)

    Joel B. Pollak
    Panoramic shot of crowd packed into arena for #Warren #Michigan #Trump rally

    1:51 PM - 31 Oct 2016

    In the absence of a ground game that can compete with Clinton’s, Trump’s best hope may be that her own volunteers lose faith.

    There is some evidence to suggest that is a real risk. After the email scandal flared anew, Clinton campaign chair John Podesta wrote an email to Clinton supporters, telling them to buck up (and asking for money). “Here’s what this changes for you and this campaign: Absolutely nothing,” he wrote.

    If Podesta really is worried, Trump’s crowds have more reason to cheer.
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    Crowds matter. It means people like you. In politics, that's very important.
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    If Clinton draws 200 people and Trump draws 15,000, that's gotta mean something. What would the media be saying if it was the other way around?
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    Crowds wiil not matter if they fix the voting machines - the devil works in deception and is the master of soros, clinton and apparently the democrat party as witnessed by O'Keefe's Project Veritas videos.

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    It matters. Obama was frequently posed as drawing huge crowds like he was Mao tse Dong or something. But in public Trump is everything Obama was not. Obama was his own cardboard cutout, but the media posed him like he was a messianic figure. This was important to sell him to his constituency. But for Trump it is no facade, he really is a popular figure. He doesn't really have much to sell in his campaign speeches and it's mostly the same thing over and over again. Yet I can sit through them and do, something I have never been able to do for a presidential candidate, ever.

    It reminds me of when Gorbachev was head of the USSR and was speaking to the US public. He was very popular and easy to listen to. Not so much because he was especially charismatic or had anything to say. More because people were so sick of listening to the Reagan Show. Trump is even easier to listen to than Reagan. You would think as an actor, Reagan might have had more popular appeal.

    Trump very clearly really believes what he is bringing to the public. I, for one, do not really care if he can pull off one third of the things he wants to do (except illegal immigration) he will bring enthusiasm to the job that I have not seen in my lifetime.
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