Wednesday, August 15, 2018 09:27 AM
By: Sandy Fitzgerald

President Donald Trump took Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to task Wednesday for a comment he'd made in 2009 about how to treat people who enter the United States illegally, saying the New York Democrat has since gone "left and haywire."

"'People who enter the United States without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who enters the U.S. legally,'" the president tweeted, following a Fox News' "Fox & Friends" interview of Jessica Vaughn, the director of policy studies for the Center of Immigration Studies.

"Chuck Schumer in 2009, before he went left and haywire!" Trump added, along with a tagline for the Fox News program.

Vaughn told the program she's been working with the immigration issue for nearly 30 years, but it wasn't as politicized as it is now, but was more of a "Main Street-Wall Street" kind of thing.

Before the show aired a clip of Schumer's words from 2009, Vaughn said she thinks Schumer will "say anything" if he thinks it will get a bill through on amnesty or help get him elected.

"Most mainstream Democrats would be wise not to embrace that and instead try to win back the hearts and minds of mainstream voters by supporting immigration policies that work for our country and that discourage illegal immigration and bring us border security," said Vaughn.