Friday, February 19, 2016 02:34 PM
By: Sandy Fitzgerald

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is a "catastrophic leader" who will be "out if they don't have a revolution," GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said Friday, while discussing her allowing Muslim refugees to enter her country.

"You know, what Merkel has done is incredible, it's actually mind boggling," Trump told Breitbart executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon on his Sirius XM Patriot Channel program. "When you look at Europe, I have friends that live in Germany, they're leaving. I have friends that are leaving Germany because of what's happened."

It's not just Germany, but all of Europe that is a "total disaster" because of immigration policies that allow thousands of unvetted people to enter its nations.

"You look at what's going on in Brussels and Sweden and all of these countries, it's a total disaster," said Trump. "The world is a different place. I don't know what people are thinking, but the world is a different place."

And Syrian refugees, he said are "totally unvetted and nobody knows where they come from."

"You look at the lines where you have so many young strong men, very few women and children by comparison, and you say, what's going on here? Why aren't they back fighting for their country?" said Trump. "We have a real problem. The world is going crazy."

The problems in Europe show the need for building a wall along the southern border of the United States and for temporarily banning Muslims from coming in if they are not already citizens or legal residents, Trump said.

"My immigration policy is necessary if we're going to have a country," he told Bannon.