Monday, March 14, 2016 04:07 PM
By: Bill Hoffmann

Donald Trump's national spokesperson says the liberal media is desperate to blame the Republican presidential front-runner for the violence that has plagued his recent campaigning — as are his fellow presidential candidates — and it's "absolutely disgusting."

Speaking to Newsmax TV's Steve Malzberg, Katrina Pierson said the man who rushed the stage at Trump's Ohio rally over the weekend — only to be released from custody and interviewed as if he was a hero on CNN — would never have been freed if he'd caused a commotion at a Hillary Clinton rally.

"Absolutely not. He would be indefinitely detained at this point and that really goes to show you why there is a rise of someone like Donald Trump. I mean it's illegal to do something like that to an individual that is under Secret Service protection and that law was put into place under Barack Obama," Pierson said Monday.

"It's the media that's driving the narrative that Donald Trump is a bully or is racist. They're the ones that are pushing it and only Donald Trump is strong enough and his team, for that matter, to fight back against the media."

She said Chicago, where a Trump rally had to be called off for fear of mass violence, "is home base for this kind of nonsense."

"These protesters are violent, some of them are anarchists, a lot of them are Bernie Sanders supporters, but the media just brushes right over that. They want to put the entire blame and even Republicans have joined in at putting the blame on Mr. Trump," Pierson said.

"It's absolutely disgusting and I can tell you I know for a fact now that I made the right choice in choosing the candidate I want to represent me moving forward in this country and this is what is so even further disturbing," she said.

"They've had American flags on the ground, they were stomping on it … hating America, hating police officers. And the presidential candidates took the side of the protesters? And mind you, this is after we knew that was involved … Even today, these candidates, are siding with the left.

"If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know, if you live in Florida, if you live in Ohio, Illinois, any other state that is yet to vote, you have one last opportunity to put an end to this nonsense because Donald Trump is not going to put up with what's happening in the media or with what's happening on the ground. We cannot allow socialists, anarchists, and these liberal terrorists to take over this country.

She said Mitt Romney's eleventh-hour campaigning for Ohio Gov. John Kasich in the Buckeye State likely won't help him.

"Remember, Mitt Romney was the guy that lost to the guy that lost to Obama … So I really don't think that does him any favors. But what it does do is it shows you who the establishment is backing, which is exactly why we have to vote against that," she said.

"The reason this country is so divided today is because of Barack Obama and the liberal left pushing the division between women — remember the war on women and how Republicans want to put black people back in chains and pushing grandma off a cliff?

"They have been the ones that have orchestrated this entire thing leading up to this. You didn't have Black Lives Matter until we had a President Obama. This is their fault, this is how they govern, they have done this, and it's going to take someone like a Donald Trump, who's not going to be afraid to push forward, to stop it."