Trump Teaser: "Biggest Part Of Mexico Deal Has Not Yet Been Revealed"

by Tyler Durden
Tue, 06/11/2019 - 09:47


One day after Mexico's Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard denied the existence of a secret immigration deal when describing the nature of the 'understanding' reached between the US and Mexico, President Trump again touted on Tuesday the existence of such a deal, saying the "biggest part of deal with Mexico has not yet been revealed!" during a series of tweets.
After blasting Maria Bartiromo (with whom Trump has sat for several exclusive interviews) and several other Fox Business hosts for the network's criticisms of his tariff strategy (Trump called into CNBC Monday morning to attack a Chamber of Commerce official who had the temerity to criticize Trump's protectionist trade strategy), the president added that the true efficacy of his tariff threats can't yet be assessed by the public.
That's because the "biggest part" of his deal with Mexico has yet to be revealed. He also accused China of intentionally weaken the yuan to offset the impact of the US tariffs, which is why there hasn't been as much of an impact on the consumer.

Trump added that the tariff threats would help incentivize US automakers to move more production back to the US. When will we learn the details of this deal? It's unclear. Both sides have said the Mexico will have a few weeks to prove that its immigration-mitigation strategies are working - and if they're not, the issue will be revisited.

Whose LYING? Trump or the Mexicans? I'd say Trump.