Actor John Wayne was known for his many movie roles in Westerns. (Photo by Howard Hawks, via Wikimedia Commons)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Wednesday touted support he received from the daughter of legendary actor John Wayne.

Trump claimed in a Facebook post that Wayne's daughter, Aissa Wayne, wrote a letter to the real estate mogul — telling him that her father would "be very proud" of Trump and his campaign, adding that Trump has "given the people of America a voice." She also wrote that the average U.S. citizen is "mad as hell that our country is being sold down the river."

Trump responded to the "lovely letter" by saying that the U.S. "could use a John Wayne right now."

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A lovely letter from the daughter of the late great John Wayne. Our country could use a John Wayne right now.
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The letter came on the heels of Trump's visit to the Iowa birthplace of the former actor, which reportedly took place in June.