The Trump vote pollsters might miss, the Democratic Party’s rulers, and other commentary

November 1, 2016 | 5:54pm

Pundit: Are Pollsters Missing Trump Voters?

Donald Trump is wrong about the polls — but he also may be right, says The Washington’s Post Philip Bump. He’s wrong when he suggests they’re intentionally skewed, or that “social pressure is preventing respondents from telling pollsters that they back Trump.” But the “hidden vote” Trump insists is out there “could manifest itself in heavier-than-expected turnout from people who don’t vote very often.” That’s because “working-class white men, the core of Trump’s base of support,” usually “are less likely to vote than college-educated women,” who are strongly pro-Hillary. “But if they surge to the polls this year on Election Day, that could be missed in pollsters’ [pre-election] analysis.”