TSA and Border Patrol officials reveal Bidenís plan to reinstate full COVID lockdown measures

08/24/2023 // Laura Harris // 2.5K Views

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Two whistleblowers have revealed that the Biden administration is gearing up to reinstate full lockdown measures, starting with a series of masking mandates for Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and airport employees in mid-September.
The first whistleblower, a high-level TSA official, told Infowars that TSA managers were recently briefed on new directives and policies on reintroducing mask-wearing protocols. By mid-October, the administration plans to expand the mask mandate to include pilots, flight crew, passengers, and everyone within airport premises. (Related: Bidenís plan to release mass of illegal aliens into U.S. revealed by Border Patrol.)
Infowars reached out to another whistleblower, who confirmed similar directives regarding Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions. This second source, a manager within the Border Patrol, said that the administration is preparing for a resurgence in COVID-19 cases and the subsequent return of masking policies.
Despite the information obtained by Infowars, government officials have not indicated a major rise in COVID-19 cases.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a newly identified variant named EG.5 has been spreading in China and the United States. But for now, the WHO has labeled it as "low public health risk."
Dr. Katherine Williams, a leading epidemiologist at the WHO, highlighted the potential for EG.5 to establish itself as a dominant variant in specific regions due to its observed properties. "While EG.5 appears to exhibit certain advantages in terms of transmission and immune evasion, it's crucial to note that no substantial changes in disease severity have been recorded," said Williams during a recent press briefing.

As of August 7, the highest number of EG.5 cases has been reported in China, followed by the U.S., South Korea, Japan and Canada. The variant has also been detected in Australia, Singapore, the U.K., France, Portugal and Spain. Notably, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that EG.5 is now the predominant strain in the U.S., accounting for 17.3 percent of cases by the week ending August 5.
Alex Jones: Sinister motives behind COVID-19 restrictions

InfoWars founder Alex Jones said bringing back COVID-19 restrictions could potentially be used to create a state of civil emergency and even martial law to further divide the public.
A report by the InfoWars speculated that the Biden administration could exploit the situation to manipulate the upcoming presidential election, including the possibility of utilizing mail-in ballots like what was done in the previous election.
The Infowars report claims that this alleged plan for lockdowns coincides with the recent coverage of a new COVID "variant" by mainstream media outlets. It suggests that the administration is using this "variant" as part of a larger strategy to induce fear and control the populace.
Visit Pandemic.news for more stories about the new COVID variant.
Watch this news to learn more about the plans of the Biden Administration to bring back full COVID restrictions.

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