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Thread: Tucker Carlson: Caving to Democrats on Immigration Would Be ‘Suicide’ For Republi

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    Tucker Carlson: Caving to Democrats on Immigration Would Be ‘Suicide’ For Republi

    (VIDEO at Link)

    Tucker Carlson: Caving to Democrats on Immigration Would Be ‘Suicide’ For Republican Party

    January 6, 2018 by Cassandra Fairbanks 89 Comments

    Following news that some Republican lawmakers are prepared to make deals with the Democrats over DACA for very little in return, Fox News host Tucker Carlson declared that if they cave it will be the end of the party.

    On Friday evening’s episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the populist host laid out some of the absurd proposals coming from Republicans on how to handle the illegal immigrants who are currently protected from deportation — including expanding amnesty.

    “A number of Republican senators are prepared to cave completely to Democrats on this question agreeing to amnesty with no serious concessions in return,” Carlson began.

    “One proposal would simply delay chain migration rather than ending it while expanding the scope of the amnesty for DACA recipients and reallocating the diversity lottery visas to a different class of unskilled immigrants. Not only would a deal like that hurt the country, voters have said very clearly, again and again, they don’t want it. And this is a democracy after all or at least it was,” Carlson asserted.

    The fiery host then declared that if the lawmakers do not listen to their voters, the party is “toast” and warned that it would be suicide.

    “You have to listen to what voters want if you are a lawmaker. If you see that kind of deal come out of Congress, and you may, the Republican Party is done, it’s over, it’s toast. it will be a short epitaph too, suicide.”

    Carlson’s comments echo those of his fellow Fox News host Laura Ingraham, who asserted on her show on Thursday that Trump will not be re-elected if he does not stand his ground on his campaign promises regarding immigration.
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    Not only the end of the Republican Party, but the end of the United States of America. The difference between real Republicans and the Democrats, is the very issue we're fighting for, protection of American Workers, American Businesses and American Taxpayers. Democrats have demonstrated through their policies for well over a century, that they don't care about either one when it comes to jobs, business and taxation. They don't even care that much about civil rights, but in some areas like social non-economic civil rights, Democrats do seem to do a better job, but on everything else with immigration top of the list, the Republicans are the ones who are supposed to protect those because Democrats with their far more socialist even Marxist goals, refuse to do so.

    Without strong immigration controls, our country becomes an irreversibly bankrupt, dependent, defenseless, impoverished nation in debted to our enemies. What's going on makes no sense and it must be fixed with among other actions, 100% removal of all illegal aliens from the territory of the United States. There is no fairness to Americans without deportation and removal of all illegal aliens who are here stealing jobs, depressing wages, meddling in our political system, dividing our people, and sucking on welfare, education and free health care in emergency rooms. They all have to do, the DACAs, their parents and their offspring.

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