Starr County Resident Demands End to Voter Fraud

Posted: Feb 20, 2014 7:40 PM
Updated: Feb 20, 2014 7:57 PM

LA GRULLA - A Starr County man says politiqueras have turned the electoral process into a corruption-filled free-for-all.

Marco Flores said state officials must do something to stop the illegal activity.

He said El Cenizo polling site is one of the problem areas. The site is next to an adult day care center.

"If you look at the whole picture, it's immoral for us to stand here. It is unethical to not do anything as far as allowing this practice to happen because it's outrageous. It's wrong and it's something we should not be doing," Flores said.

He said the process is as corrupt as a Mexican election.

"The Mexico-style politics is what they practice here. They are busing in people," Flores said.

Flores said he is using a video camera to document the problems.

He said politiqueras take cars and trucks full of people to the polls.

He said many of the people they take are elderly.

"The politiqueras are already inside the car, especially with the elderly.

When the election officer comes out from the poll site the politiquera takes over the ballot and basically coaches or points at the ballot to where the senior citizen is going to vote," Flores said.

He said it's a clear case of exploitation.

"What upsets me the most is that the senior citizen is not making a decision for himself. The decision is being made for him. The voter is not actually voting; the politiquera is voting for the voter or the senior citizen. That's what we're trying to stop," he said.

Flores said his ultimate goal is to get legislation passed to stop politiqueras.

Flores said he contacted the Starr County District Attorney's Office about the problem. The DA's office told CHANNEL 5 NEWS Flores must follow the proper process and file his complaint with a state agency that investigates those types of allegations.

Flores said he will contact state officials.