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    U.S. Govt Silently Endorse Saudi Diplomats’ Enslavement Of Domestic Workers In Virgin

    U.S. Government Continues To Silently Endorse Saudi Diplomats’ Virtual Enslavement Of Domestic Workers In Virginia

    May 29, 2013 by Ben Bullard


    About a month ago, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) began investigating the escape of two Filipino women from a mansion in a Washington, D.C., suburb occupied by a Saudi Arabian diplomatic contingent.

    The women had apparently been held in a condition of domestic servitude approximating slavery — something common back in theocratic, male-dominated Saudi Arabia.
    Diplomatic immunity reigned supreme in the ensuing investigation, and very little new information has been — or likely ever will be — revealed about that case. The two women, who had been working 14 hours a day, seven days a week without pay and living among the Saudi military attaché after their passports allegedly had been taken from them, ended up in protective custody after escaping. A Saudi embassy spokesman in the United States clammed up when pressed about what was going on in the house.
    Now, another alleged foreign national has come forward with a similar human trafficking story, relating how she was essentially kidnapped into domestic slavery at another Virginia home occupied by Saudi diplomats in the Washington suburbs.

    NBC 4 in Washington interviewed the woman, speaking under the assumed name of Sheila, by phone. A Kenyan, she had arrived legally in the United States by way of Saudi Arabia on a work visa. Until she established a tentative Facebook communication with an area man, after briefly interacting with him on an Internet page for Kenyans living in the area, she had no contact with the outside world. She wasn’t allowed to go outside. With her passport illegally confiscated and the clock ticking on her work visa, she said, where would she go?

    Her escape happened after she agreed to make a break for it with the help of the Facebook associate, whom NBC 4 dubbed “Marikio.”
    The rescue ended up being a harrowing one — particularly, Marikio said, because he knew if he called 911, he risked a chance that Sheila’s boss could convince police to arrest him instead, because he was in the country illegally.

    Still, Sheila — wearing a head scarf and a veil — ran from of the lobby of Skyline Towers on Seminary Road and jumped into his car. It was the first time the two had met.

    Marikio said Sheila was gaunt and in obvious pain. She told him she was hemorrhaging from an untreated medical condition. He told her to go back inside and get her passport, and he’d take her to a hospital.

    “She was sick, and she was shaking, and the police asked her, ‘Do you want an ambulance?’” Marikio recalled. “She said yes and the ambulance came.”

    But, Marikio said, when she went back for her passport, she was held by the family she worked for.

    “She went back, the guy was holding her. He was still holding hostage. She was screaming with her cell phone. … I say, ‘Go out!’”

    Said Sheila, “I was afraid, because maybe they could have killed me. Because they have taken all my documents. They have taken my passport.”

    Police officers ordered the boss to return the passport, and he did. Sheila then received medical treatment.

    These diplomats are people whom both current and previous Presidential Administrations continue to embrace, with nary a comment on their subversion of Constitutional freedoms, both in spirit and in fact, as guests in the United States. While immune from criminal prosecution, Saudi diplomats/kidnappers could, in theory, reasonably expect some form of faceless public excoriation from American leaders of the sort that would bring shame on their behavior while in this country.

    But instead, Americans get to hear about it on the local TV news, and from conservative websites like TheBlaze, with no national exposure for the culture of domestic islamofascism being perpetrated with the silent approval of the American government.
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    This kind of lifestyle is very common in Saudi Arabia. Foreign women are gotten as domestic helpers from abroad often the Philippines. Those women then have their passport taken from them and are kept locked in the house not allowed to leave w/o being with the head female of the family. The women often work 14-16 hour days often longer. When they are allowed to sleep often they can't because of the younger family members of the family coming home late and being very noisy and obnoxious.

    Many domestic helpers are sexually abused by males in the family as well and the women knowing they have no choice and no one to turn to. They have no passport or return ticket as its held by the family they are working for or the agency SA agency that will only believe the family. If the woman gets pregnant because of harsh Saudi laws about getting a woman who isn't your wife pregnant the family instead claims the woman ran away and they take her out to the desert and dispose of her rather then having the male in the family responsible go to jail for a few years (womens sentences are double that of men). If the woman runs and the police catch her she is often gang raped and taken to the desert and disposed of. If she makes it to her embassy the SA government keeps her from being able to leave w/o large fee's based on her cost often trumped up to being many times that she might own for said ticket and cost.

    Yet still so many women clamour to work over there in hopes of supporting and helping their family. The saving grace is that she generally has a 1/5 chance of being placed with a SA family as Saudi Nationals are a minority in their own country.

    Yet this is a "nicer" Muslim country and supposedly our ally. Why I ask.

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