1. Michael Chertoff, former DHS head under Bush, recommends X-ray technology be used as body scanners BEFORE "Underwear Bomber" attempts trip to Detroit.

2. American maker of body scanners, Rapiscan, outsources work to Indian owned OSI, maker of body scanners.

3. OSI CEO, Deepak Chopra (not the self-help guru) accompanies Obama on pleasure cruise to India.

4. American debt hog "Stimulus" is used to gives millions to purchase body scanners.

5. Chertoff Group makes consulting money off of selling Rapiscan scanners to Federal government.

6. "Sharply dressed" Indian man seen accompanying "Underwear Bomber" to airport.

7. TSA procedures prevent Muslims from being profiled but goes after American citizens.

8. George Soros owns interest in body scanner company.

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Body Scanner Manufacturer Accompanies Obama on Trip to India

November 14, 2010 in News

OSI Systems is the owner of Rapiscan Systems which manufactures the Secure 1000, one of the most commonly used backscatter x-ray machines. And, no it is not the Deepak Chopra you’re thinking of.


The Chertoff Group is a private consultancy company founded by former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff. The company’s site describes its activities as advising “corporate and government clients on security and risk management issues