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    United Nations allocates $372 million for U.S.-bound immigrants in 2024 01/31/2024

    United Nations allocates $372 million for U.S.-bound immigrants in 2024

    01/31/2024 // Kevin Hughes // 450 Views

    Tags: big government, border security, cash aid, finance riot, globalists, humanitarian aid, illegal immigrants, illegal immigration, insanity, invasion usa, migrants, money supply, Open Borders, outrage, politics, traitors, UN, United Nations, welfare

    The United Nations (UN) is providing over $372 million for U.S.-bound immigrants this year.
    To aid migrants on their way to the U.S.-Mexico border, the UN announced it is allocating nearly $1.6 billion to 17 Latin American nations in the 2024 update to its "Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan."
    The UN and its partner agencies are planning to spread $372 million in "Cash and Voucher Assistance" and "Multipurpose Cash Assistance" to some 624,000 migrants in transit to the United States. This money is more often than not handed out as pre-paid, rechargeable debit cards. But the UN also regularly provides migrants with funding through hard cash given in envelopes and through electronic transfers by bank and mobile numbers. (Related: Intelligence community veterans warn of "imminent danger" facing the U.S. due to MIGRANT INVASION at the southern border.)
    The UN Network on Migration claims that the cash giveaways to the 624,000 migrants "represent a significantly greater share of the financial requirements" for 2024, but it is still only one part of the much broader UN Americas-wide effort to spend nearly $1.6 billion in assisting about three million migrants in 17 countries all over the Americas.
    Most of the Migration Network's support will be provided to "in-destination" recipients, or migrants already settled in other nations. But analysts have noted that a larger percentage of the Migration Network's aid funds will be given to in-transit migrants launching journeys from their home countries or their temporary abodes to the United States.
    Both in-transit and already-settled groups get access to UN cash and "humanitarian transportation," shelter, food, legal advice, personal hygiene products, health care and "protection" against threats such as protesters, militias, criminal syndicates and smugglers.
    In addition, the Migration Network is also expected to provide $184 million to an additional 1.2 million migrants, $122 million in rent support and "temporary collective shelters" for 473,000 migrants and $25.8 million in "humanitarian transportation" to nearly 130,000 people crossing borders. The UN has also expanded its provision of "multi-purpose cash" for those seeking asylum on the basis of "gender-based violence."
    UN blames American policies for rising migration to the U.S.

    Along with the UN's multiple agencies that handle migration and refugees, some 57 other international organizations will be managing the handing out of $273 million in cash and relief assistance to migrants, while 132 "national NGOs" and "civil service organizations" will be handing out an additional $70 million in aid. Fifteen UN agencies alone would get the lion's share, handing out around $1.2 billion to migrants all over the Americas.
    The NGOs were chosen for their strict adherence to the UN's migration and refugee plans for 2024. These plans were crafted at a time when the UN actually foresaw immigration to the U.S. declining in 2023 and 2024 rather than its actual state today.
    Along with domestic factors, the UN places most of the blame for the increased migration to the U.S. to the policies of the current government that created "newly established opportunities for regular pathways to move to the United States of America," especially for those who could make their way to northern Mexico.
    Follow for more news about the illegal immigration happening in America.
    Watch the video below about investigative journalist Todd Bensman's report on the UN paying illegal immigrants using U.S. taxpayer money.

    This video is from the Worldview Report channel on
    More related stories:

    Biden agrees to a deal that allows the border to be SHUT DOWN when Texas gets overwhelmed – But why wait? Shut it down now!
    25 Republican governors pledge their support to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and his DEFIANCE of Biden's illegal orders to allow an unlimited MIGRANT INVASION of the USA.
    Abbott declares the federal government HAS FAILED TEXAS by refusing to protect the border and defend against migrant invasion.
    Journalist uncovers "shadowy network" of non-governmental organizations enabling southern border invasion.
    Expose shows how NGOs funded by American taxpayers are shipping illegal immigrants into the United States.
    Sources include:

    United Nations allocates $372 million for U.S.-bound immigrants in 2024 –
    If you're gonna fight, fight like you're the third monkey on the ramp to Noah's Ark... and brother its starting to rain. Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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    Migrants – Need Cash to Cross the Border? Thanks, UN The American taxpayer on the hoo

    Migrants – Need Cash to Cross the Border? Thanks, UN

    The American taxpayer on the hook once more.

    by Kelli Ballard | Jan 31, 2024 | Articles, Illegal Immigration, Opinion

    (Photo by Christian Torres/Anadolu via Getty Images)

    The United Nations is making it easier for migrants to reach America and using US funds to do it. So says a report from Todd Bensman at the Center for Immigration Studies, which detailed just how much the world body is handing out to those crossing the southern border illegally.

    Paying Migrants to Travel to America

    The UN just released the 2024 update to the Regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan (RMRP). It calls for handing out $1.6 billion in 17 Latin American countries. Although the plan seems to be aimed at Venezuelans as benefactors, the document states that the largesse goes to “all nationalities” and “multiple other nationalities.” Some of these benefits include debit cards and even cash-stuffed envelopes, according to several outlets. As Bensman reported:

    “In a nutshell, the UN and its advocacy partners are planning to spread $372 million in ‘Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA)’ and ‘Multipurpose Cash Assistance (MCA)’ to some 624,000 immigrants in-transit to the United States during 2024. That money is most often handed out, other UN documents show, as pre-paid, rechargeable debit cards, but also hard ‘cash in envelopes,’ bank transfers, and mobile transfers the U.S. border-bound travelers can use for whatever they want.”

    But that’s not all. Bensman continued:

    “The $372 million in planned cash giveaways to the 624,000 immigrants moving north and illegally crossing national borders ‘represents a significantly greater share of the financial requirements’ for 2024, the RMRP says, but it is still only one part of much broader UN hemisphere-wide vision that aims to spend $1.59 billion assisting about three million people in 17 countries who emigrated from their home nations.”

    As told by the Council on Foreign Relations, the United States is the biggest contributor to the United Nations, sponsoring about 22% of its budget; in 2021, the figure was $12.5 billion. “About one-quarter of this total was assessed and the rest was voluntary,” the outlet noted. “This represents about a quarter of the roughly $50 billion the United States spends annually on foreign aid. By comparison, that contribution is about what the government allocates to the U.S. Coast Guard.”

    The updated RMRP response plan has a map on page 14 that shows migrants in-transit. The red line displays the path that they presumably take, interestingly leading to El Paso, TX. Below the map is this note: “In Brazil and Mexico, this only includes Venezuelan nationals, while in the other countries, it includes refugees and migrants of all nationalities in-transit.” It also has the disclaimer, “The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the UN.”

    Teaching Immigrants to Recall Traumatic Memories

    Debit cards and cash envelopes aren’t the only ways migrants are funded. Bensman said at least two UN-funded nonprofits in Mexico’s southern states pay psychologists to help immigrants recover “repressed memories” that can help them get approved for Mexican asylum with an “eventual trip over to the U.S. southern border.”

    Bensman explained that many of the migrants seeking asylum who claimed economic hardship were turned down since that is not a criterion for refugee status. Enrique Vida, coordinator for the Fray Matias de Córdova Human Rights Center, told Bensman: “That may cover up one of the true reasons why they are coming. They need psychological help so they can remember the situation they experienced.” Apparently, this has been working; Vida affirmed using recovered memories has produced a 90% approval rate. “That’s the most important part of the process,” Vida said of the Mexican immigration interviews. “That’s when the Mexican authorities listen to the motives of why they left their country. And those motives have to be according to international conventions.”

    Tensions are ratcheting up in the southern US states, especially in Texas, where Gov. Greg Abbott and Joe Biden’s administration are locked in a battle for authority over the border. The fact that the UN is allocating so much money to help unsanctioned travelers is another slap in the face to those fighting for tougher border security. Even worse, the United States contributes to this fund, essentially paying illegals to come to America.

    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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