Valerie Jarrett Draws Line In Sand – Dares Americans To Challenge Her Authority..

by Ulsterman on June 6, 2013 with 1 Comments in News

De facto president and Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett made it clear no pressure from within or outside the Obama White House will alter her determination to see Eric Holder continue his work as the administration’s firewall. This statement was likely as much for Barack Obama as it was for the media and American public - a warning to the president and all others that neither he, nor anyone, challenge what SHE wants to happen regarding Holder. The good news is that means somebody within the administration is challenging Jarrett’s chokehold on the West Wing power structure, otherwise she would not have spoken out so publicly regarding the matter. Whoever they are – I sure hope they can survive doing so…

Valerie Jarrett: Eric Holder ‘Will Be in His Position for Quite a While’

Valerie Jarrett, a close adviser to President Obama, said that Eric Holder is “definitely” not stepping down and that he’ll be attorney general “for quite a while.”

Jarrett called Holder “resilient,” and said he “continues to have the president’s full confidence and respect.”