Vanderboegh cites ‘utter, complete and abject failure' of gun-grabbers

NOVEMBER 25, 2012


Almost 45 years of increased efforts to reduce guns in society since the Gun Control Act of 1968 have resulted in the exact opposite effect. That’s the observation citizen journalist Mike Vanderboegh this morning on his Sipsey Street Irregulars blog.

Citing a Congressional Research Service “Gun Control Legislation” report spotlighted last Sunday on Gun Rights Examiner, Vanderboegh reminds his readers of edicts such as “Brady, the ‘Assault Weapons Ban,’ Lautenberg, etc. -- each giving more power to (and encouraging more misadventures from) the agency created to enforce those laws -- the ATF,” and asks “What has been the practical effect of these restrictions, apart from the lives ruined and people killed in their name?

“Not only has the aggregate number of firearms increased but the number of firearms PER PERSON HAS DOUBLED!” he answers. “Well, all I can say is ‘Give me some more of that old time (gun control) religion.’

“[C]itizen disarmament advocates have managed not only to fail at their primary purpose but THEY HAVE CREATED A STRATEGIC MILITARY FACT that no predatory government can afford to ignore,” he concludes.
Perhaps a sense of helpless frustration over unintended consequences explains why those who would impose a different reality have become increasingly desperate and hysterical.

Vanderboegh cites