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Thread: Venezuela set to get worse -- and back on Trump's agenda

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    Venezuela set to get worse -- and back on Trump's agenda

    I believe at this point the government has all but failed and can barely function with the central American human waves; the State Milittias need to be activated to get control again

    Venezuela set to get worse -- and back on Trump's agenda

    Nasty news about the rising refugee flood from socialism -- and not enough thought into what to do about it, just some easy blamings to Trump.

    June 24, 2019
    By Monica Showalter

    Washington Post deputy editorial page editor Jackson Diehl, who's no rabid Trump hater and who has been on top of the Venezuela situation for years, has a good item - warning that things will get worse before they get better. He writes:
    On June 7, the U.N. Refugee Agency and the International Organization for Migration announced that the number of Venezuelans who had fled the country had surpassed 4 million. One million people of the fewer than 30 million remaining in what was once Latin America’s richest country had poured across its borders in just seven months. “The pace of the outflow from Venezuela,” said a statement by the two agencies, “has been staggering.”
    The news didn’t get much attention in Washington. Following a failed attempt by the Venezuelan opposition to provoke a military uprising on April 30, President Trump chewed out his advisers, stopped talking about the country and moved on to his next “maximum pressure” target, Iran.
    That’s a source of mounting frustration for Venezuelans and their Latin American neighbors, who don’t have the option of moving on — and who are saying their region will be facing a disaster of epic proportions within months unless Venezuela can be stabilized and the tide of refugees arrested.
    It's nothing new, we all know about the refugees pouring over the country's borders and how tough it is for our neighbors up and down South America to care for them. These are people who are ragged, starving, in desperate need of medical care, and impoverished below African levels.

    The human waves, though, are going to get worse. And Diehl thinks Trump will be blamed for putting punishing oil sanctions on the socialist hellhole, something one wonders about, given that that's not the reason for the country's socialist meltdown, and lifting them is unlikely to halt the human waves. The dictatorship is now financing itself through gold sales and the illegal drug trade, its oil exports are down to 600,000 barrels a day, half of what it cranked out last year, and the only people who are getting it are the ones (such as Cuba) who aren't paying. When the gold runs out, it's going to get interesting.
    However, Diehl may be right, given the eagerness with which the press and the left are to blame Trump for everything. Rest assured, they'll certainly try and as he notes, it won't just be the crazies among them.
    Diehl seems to argue that the coming nightmare is real enough and implicitly argues for U.S. intervention. Note that last part of the third paragraph from Diehl: "unless Venezuelan can be stabilized and the tide of refugees can be arrested." He either means sending the Marines t hose out that hellhole or else something that gives Maduro no choice but to flee. We already know that Maduro isn't about to be persuaded to leave nor will his Cuban masters let him. It's also unlikely that Russia or China plan to play ball to get him out. Nope, it's starting to look hopeless that Maduro is going to exit stage left. And the result will be either civil war, a coup with a bunch of new losers, or most likely, the gargantuan refugee flood, even bigger than it already is unless ... something is done.
    Diehl criticizes Trump for being disengaged with the matter perhaps due to the increasingly narrow and unpalatable solutions (Trump does not want to get the U.S. into more endless "nation-building" wars) and warns that the matter will be front and center for the U.S. at some point. (Maybe when the gold runs out?)
    Perhaps it's time then that other solutions be thrown out there:
    Diehl said he went to a conference with senior diplomats for this information - couldn't anyone there have asked them why Latin America isn't putting together a Marine force of its own to hose the hellhole out? Why this reliance on gringo when the problem is spilling into their country?
    And why isn't Venezuelan President Juan Guaido, enmeshed in hopeless talks in Norway with the dictatorship owing to lack of better options, as Diehl notes, not instead raising money for an army, Simon Bolivar-style? He probably could hit the U.S. up for several million for the project. Money to pay soldiers - in real currency instead of devalued Venezuelan scrip - might actually work.
    But neither of these seem to be on the table. We just hear that the Marines should get the job over with. It's time someone asked...

    Image credit: Policia Nacional de los colombianos, via Wikimedia Commons and Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0
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    BRAZIL and COLUMBIA for them. Give them guns and send them back if they choose!!!!! Give them guns and FORCE THEM BACK maybe????? That's up to Brazil and Columbia. I will say this: Although the Venezuelan government is COMMIE SCUM and the Venezuelan economy collapsed, not because of sanctions but because of COMMIE ECONOMICS, these Commies do stand up to these ROTHSCHILDS and that's why they're in our USA crosshairs, because the ROTHSCHILDS control us and that's why the border REMAINS OPEN.
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    Venezuela To Launch Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency That Will ‘Destroy Rothschilds’

    January 1, 2018 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News, World 4

    Venezuela has announced plans to launch an oil-backed cryptocurrency which they say will “completely destroy the Rothschilds.”

    President Nicolas Maduro said the launch of the cryptocurrency will compete against the dollar and will end the country’s dependence on the Rothschild-controlled IMF.
    CNBC reports: President Nicolas Maduro surprised many earlier this month when he announced the “petro” cryptocurrency, to be backed by OPEC member Venezuela’s oil, gas, gold and diamond reserves.

    Despite the skepticism of cryptocurrency experts who do not think Venezuela has the wherewithal to pull it off, communications minister Jorge Rodriguez said the first petro offering would come within days.
    “Camp one of the Ayacucho block will form the initial backing of this cryptocurrency,” Rodriguez told reporters, referring to part of Venezuela’s southern Orinoco Belt.

    Find Out More >
    “It contains 5.342 billion certified barrels of oil. We’re talking about backing of $267 billion,” said Rodriguez, adding that that differentiated the petro from other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
    Miners were already lined up, he said, without giving more details. Cryptocurrencies are obtained by users setting up computers to do complex mathematical calculations in a process known as mining.
    Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and their success relies on transparency, clear rules and equal treatment of all involved. Venezuela gave no technical details about the petro.
    The government appears to be hoping the petro will offset a collapse in Venezuela’s currency – 97 percent in one year against the U.S. dollar on the black market – and isolate the country from the U.S. dollar and Washington.
    Rodriguez also hopes to use the petro as part of a mechanism to pay international providers, many of whom have stopped supplying to Venezuela given its inability to pay its debts.
    With Venezuela’s 30 million people suffering shortages, runaway prices and a fourth year of recession, Maduro has long blamed the U.S. government for an “economic war” against it. Critics say incompetent policies are to blame for Venezuela’s economic mess.
    Earlier on Thursday, Maduro blamed U.S. pressure on Portugal for blocking imports of pork leading to a shortage over Christmas in Venezuela.
    U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration has imposed various political and financial sanctions on Maduro’s government, accusing senior officials of rights abuses and corruption.
    “It will be materially impossible for the dictatorial financial centers of the world to intervene against this initiative,” said Rodriguez, citing the Portugal case.
    “It will allow us to overcome any financial blockade.”
    Cryptocurrencies have grabbed global attention partly because of the remarkable rise in the price of Bitcoin, making millionaires of many early investors, including some in Venezuela who used Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to shield themselves from strict foreign exchange controls which economists blame for the crisis.

    RIGHT OUT OF THE HORSES MOUTH!!!!! DO YOU BELIEVE HE REALLY SAID THAT????? Our FAKE NEWS OCCUPATIONAL MSM would NEVER EVER QUOTE this COMMIE STATING THIS!!!!! They HID what this guy said when they started that crypto currency. Venezuela has a TON OF GOLD!!!!! What he needs to do is print up/circulate a currency backed in GOLD and these Rothschilds will GO CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! They know this but aren't doing it, so I have to wonder about these commies a little bit????? MOSSAD can't assassinate Maduro as easily as they assassinated JFK and his son. Lot harder to overthrow Maduro than it was to go after Kadafi. But remember, this is all a "CONSPIRACY".

    I don't know about you folks, but after watching this last video, I've 100% changed my mind on any TRUMP WALL FUNDING. We simply CANNOT AFFORD IT!!!!! We definitely need to raise our Foreign Aid payments to ISRAEL with any $$$$ we have left over that could be spent on that wall. LOOK AT THE PROVERTY THESE PEOPLE ARE LIVING IN?????
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