Video: John Boehner is About to Be REPLACED as Speaker

John Boehner lasted a lot longer during the shutdown than many were expecting — but in the end, he still caved. Worse, Obama knew he’d cave — he knew he was bluffing, because that’s what Boehner has done repeatedly.
Andrew Napolitano is the senior judicial analyst of Fox News, and he’s come forward with some important news… John Boehner is about to be dethroned as Speaker of the House.

In the video posted on this page, Andrew Napolitano explains to Tom Sullivan that John Boehner will be replaced before the debt ceiling is reached again. This is good news for those who want to see the GOP actually stand up more to Obama.

In the video below, there’s far more discussed than just John Boehner — the constitution, economics, political theory, and current news stories are all covered. Like usual, Andrew Napolitano is dead on about everything.

Here’s an important quote, after he predicted that Boehner would be replaced:

“I don’t think this is in John Boehner’s blood to do this again. I don’t think he represents the leadership of the core conservatives in the House… My sources are members of the House.”
Here’s the video from

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It’s possible this might not happen, because nothing is certain in DC until it actually happens. The most important thing you can possibly do is to help give this as much positive attention as possible. This will give the “weak” congressman a little more courage and makes it more likely to happen.
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I will believe that when I see it...