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    Voter Fraud (General Election)

    Voter fraud is bad enough during these elections. Voter fraud during the general election, if we're actually able to get a candidate that we want in this process - is going to be absolutely awful.

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    All we have to do is look at that last few, downright ridiculous.

    It has to be all planned. The frequency is astonishing.

    We have to be ever vigilant of this. More and More. This country is falling apart.

    The rest of the country better wake up and smell the coffee.

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    McCain??? How can that be? Are the memories of the American people really that short to vote for someone who openly states he wants amnesty? Is it any wonder LaRaza and their kind are so brazen and arrogant when they have people like McCain working for them and not for his own people. What drives him to turn on his own country? This definitely is a time of change but no one's going to like it.

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