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    Voting Machines

    I can not stress enough about the voting machines. Regardless of what side of the fence one is on ( Republican or Democrat ) touchscreen machines HAVE been used to swindle the votes in past elections. The reason I mention this is that even though illegal immigration is a huge issue and the majority of Americans are against it and against any amnesty, if we go to the polls and vote against those who are for the illegals, those in power could change the vote to make it appear as if those for the illegals voted more than we did. They could point to the big march and say "Those hard working people voted for us and those lazy American xenophobes were too lazy to vote." The machines could make it so either a Democrat or a Republican who rolls over for the illegals are "voted" into office.
    I truly believe that if the American people are allowed an honest vote that we will vote en masse against the illegals and put politicians in office who will work for US rather than for the big international corporations. But will we be allowed an honest vote?

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    I don't put much faith in them either. They don't do much of anything to guarentee it's only Legal citizens voting and now these things. It makes you wonder if your vote really does count. I almost feel like we should have an independant group monotoring every voting area.
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    Crazy I don't think there is a such thing as independant people when it
    comes to American politics.If you brought people in from Pluto they would care how people in American votes.Our policies effect the whole world.

    and the universe

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    Of the machines used in Florida for the 2004 Presidential election, we had at least one that was found literally by the side of a road, there were numerous complaints from voters that when they got to the screen where you check and confirm your selections, that their votes had been changed (were NOT what they had selected). We had machines that didn't work, that froze, that shut down. It was a mess....and many people were furious that the final vote was indeed certified given these errors and mishaps. As long as there are electronic machines, I will never trust the outcome (no matter who wins).

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