Thursday, September 5, 2013

Warmongering Hypocrites: Obama, Boehner, Graham, and McCain Will Send Troops to Syria While Refusing to Deploy Soldiers to Secure Our Border With Mexico. The Real National Security Threat.

By: The Lone Star Watchdog

I have not heard one threat from President Assad of Syria. Still after the Syrian President has started to reform his government and take nation in a new direction more in line with western values. How do we thank Assad? Well we thank him the same way we thanked Gaddafi for his reforms. We send in radical Muslim fighters to destabilize the republic toppling the government putting in the nastiest people making living in Libya and recently Egypt a living hell. Syria , Egypt and Libya have not threatened or attacked us. They are no national security threat to us. They were only a threat to the bankers because they hate competition when there is a competing currency challenging their fiat money.

On Sept 11, 2001. 19 hijackers supposedly from Saudi Arabia and Jordan took down the World Trade center and hit the Pentagon by taking over planes with box cutters. Did we attack Saudi Arabia and Jordan? No, we went to war with Afghanistan and Iraq. We are saber rattling with Iran, Yemen and Pakistan using drones to kill 100 people in the market square because of one suspected terrorist that are no threat to anyone. They neither have the intent to bring harm on us.

All the reasons to attack these nations was based on false flag attacks or manufactured evidence of phony weapons of mass destruction ready made well packaged and scripted for propaganda purposes to sell the public why America needs to go to war. All for some strange reason when the real intent was to plunder a nation’s natural resources as the real motivation. It just proves the war on terror is a hoax.

The Syrian Government is not threatening us when we do not do what they want like Mexico does if we do not give welfare benefits or other handouts to their people who broke the law entering the United States. Mexico made terrorist threat to push their people north across the border if we did not pass NAFTA. An act of war against the United States.

The Syrian Army is not crossing the Rio Grande like the Mexican soldiers are doing today. The Syrian army are not acting as security being paid off by the drug cartels like the Mexican troops are doing violating our sovereignty.

The Syrian government are not encouraging their people to break our immigration laws crossing the border illegally printing publications how to undermine our rule of law.

The Syrian government is not a Narco terrorist state like Mexico is running narcotics across the border with thousands of people killed in these border wars between the drug cartels.

The Syrian government is not sending people here illegally to undermine the American labor market because their economy is in shambles.

The Syrian government is not interfering with our immigration laws and domestic policy like Mexico does.

Syria does not kidnap Americans and take them across the border holding them hostage until families pay a ransom or until the gangsters empty out their bank accounts and max out their credit cards. This is a practice in Mexico,

The Syrian government is not trying to conquer the southwest of the United State like the Mexican government is telling their people who are here illegally to reconquer which is a real act of war against these United States.

The Syrian Government is not dumping their poor and criminals on us demanding we take care of them. Mexico is using America as a steam valve to send people north to avert a violent overthrow because internal problem due to corruption in the government.

The Syrian government is not threatening cities to be shut down with protesters in the streets like Mexico does through their consulates using Spanish speaking radio and TV to try to destabilize the nation.

The Syrian government does not have a Plan of San Diego. Mexico does have such an agenda saying they will kill every white person 16 years old and up

The only thing the Mexican and Syrian people have in common is our CIA has blood on their hands training Al Qaeda fighters in Syria attacking Christians and the Mexican people are terrorized by the Los Zatas who are trained by the same agency. Both groups are cold blooded ruthless killers who have no regard for the sanctity of innocent life. They will murder unarmed man, woman and children not losing sleep or without shedding a crocodile tear.

With all this violence along the Mexican-US border which has claimed tens of thousands of lives every year and increasing. They will not place blame that our immigration laws are not being enforced. They will not blame the policies the Border patrol are forced to comply which ties their hands preventing them from stopping border crossers crossing over illegally. They have have not learned from history when we had prohibition on alcohol with the mob violence it encouraged when whiskey was illegal. Still they ban pot and other narcotics creating a black market that encourages these drug wars on our southern border. The Us Government will not accept responsibility that their failed policies being the cause and effect of violence on the border.

Instead they blame private gun owners for the violence in Mexican border towns when the US Government have been trading gun for drugs in operation fast and furious. Syria is not blaming our constitutional right to keep and bear arms for the cause of violence in his country.

With all this evidence in plain view. Still the politicians who are hardcore globalist want to send are soldiers to Syria and any middle eastern country that does not play ball with Israel, the Bankers and Wall Street interest. These are these same scumbag politicians like President Obama, Speaker of the House John Boehner, Sen. John McCain and Senator Lindsey Graham who are so willing to grant amnesty to illegal aliens doing what Mexico wants at the expense of American sovereignty and jobs. These same reprobate politicians will send our soldiers and Marines to the middle east to attack people who are not threatening us at the same time refuses to send troops to secure our southern border from invasion the Constitution requires under Article 4 section 4.

Is it obvious there was no outcry from Boehner, Graham, McCain when Obama byexecutive order bypassed congress and gave Amnesty to illegal aliens. The same people who are fighting tooth and nail to make sure our southern border stay wide open unsecured are the same people who will send them thousands of miles away to fight a country that is not threatening us and is not a threat. Syria is the least of our worries.

Mexico has always been a menace to us. Pancho Villa massacred American Citizens on a border town with Mexico. General Pershing with a letter of Marque and reprisal went into Mexico and pursued Pancho Villa.

Even at the beginning of the Civil war. Mexican troops massed on the Southern Border ready to retake the Southwest trying to exploit us at our nation’s weakest point in history.

After Texas won independence from Mexico in 1836 and Texas became a state 1845. The Mexican war started in 1847. Mexico invaded the United State through Texas making up to Oklahoma before our forces pushed the Mexican army all the back to Mexico city.

Former Defense Secretary under President Ronald Reagan Casper Weinberger in 2003 and in his book”The Next War” said about the possibility of going to war with Mexico saying:

A powerful leader blames Mexico’s problems on the “Gringo”. Unrest spreads throughout Mexico. Millions head north across the border. Drug gangs engage in terrorism in the U.S. The United States is forced to invade Mexico to topple the regime.

Also saying further in more prophetic detail the late Secretary Defense says what will happen if we invade Mexico:

We could end up invading Mexico to stop the invasion. If that were to happen, the uprising by 4 million Mexican nationals in Southern California would make the 1992 riots look like a picnic.

When we get our country back from these scumbags in Washington who ran our country into the ground. Our next President if he is pro American and not pro Israel. We will have to deal with Mexico from a diplomatic standpoint sealing the border and the fifth column inside the United States which Military might be used to round up illegals to neutralize them, shutting down Spanish speaking media and possibly invading Mexico to stabilize our border so we can contain the corruption from spilling over our border.

So the next person who confronts Obama, Boehner,McCain and Graham. Ask them why they will not send the military to secure our southern border. Because Mexico by their actions for decades have proved they are a national security threat.

Theses same people will jump at the drop of a hat to send our soldier thousands of miles away to attack countries who never attacked us or is not a national security.

This is why we need to bring all our troops home because we have a threat south of the border we have to deal with real soon. Syria and the middle east are the least of our worries.
So do we have warmongering hypocrites?