Washington DC Mayor Bowser Closes U.S. Capital Until April 25th…

Posted on March 25, 2020 by sundance

Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser closes the nation’s capital until April 25th, effectively closing all public gatherings for one month. [Order pdf Here]

There is a certain aspect to dčjá-vu showing up on the horizon… Welcome to an economic civil war. But first, the latest details.

WASHINGTON DC – The intent of the Order is to temporarily cease all non-essential business activities, including tour guides and touring services; gyms, health clubs, spas, and massage establishments; theaters, auditoriums, and other places of large gatherings; nightclubs; hair, nail, and tanning salons and barbershops; tattoo parlors; sales not involved in essential services; retail clothing stores; and professional services not devoted to assisting essential business operations.

The Order goes into effect on March 25, 2020, at 10 pm, through April 24, 2020 (link)

On the horizon it appears the state and regional shutdowns are going to mirror the shutdowns from Obama’s infamous sequester-fiasco from the spring of 2013. That looks like the road-map that will be followed as the coronavirus issue starts to level-off.

Blue state governors, mayors and local officials will use the $2 trillion bailout funding scheme to keep their economies shut down as long as possible and inflict as much political damage as possible. Meanwhile we’ll likely see red state governors, mayors and officials start to reopen their local economies.

The aligned resistance media will criticize the red state decisions, and the blue states will be heralded as more concerned about their citizens. There will be no pressure on the blue team to reopen because they will be funding themselves from the government trough. Meanwhile the red team that wants to get back to business will find themselves limited if they took any bridge funding from the mechanism within the coronavirus bill.

Alinsky would be proud.

It’s inevitable.

Watch.. you’ll see.

Socially the COVID-19 issues will be used to weaponize, politicize and mitigate any economic recovery attempt for maximum partisan damage. It will be an economic civil war of sorts, only this time instead of North -vs- South it’s going to be urban -vs- rural and the weapons will be economic manipulation.

Red state supplies will not be permitted to exit blue state areas. Transit from red to red supply chains will have to travel around blue regions which will be blocked. In this process the traditional GOP candidate -vs- DEM candidate, and weaknesses of the blue team, will be obfuscated by a national social crisis defined by regional economics and party affiliations.

There are pre-existing models for this.

Spring and summer 2020 political contests will break out exactly like this map below, except the central debate will circle around economics. The underlying issues will be ideological…