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Thread: WATCH – THIS is How Mexico Will Pay for the Border Wall, Trump Vindicated!

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    WATCH – THIS is How Mexico Will Pay for the Border Wall, Trump Vindicated!

    Trump keeps saying Mexico will pay for the wall, and everyone keeps saying it won’t happen. The problem is everyone is taking him literally, even after he explained the actual plan. Fortunately, at last one person has been listening.

    During a recent radio interview, Ann Coulter further explained Trump’s plan to have Mexico pay for the wall, stressing, “It’s the simplest part of his program…he says we are going to start taxing remittances.”

    Now, this is only one small part of his plan to fund the wall, but it will be a significant contributor the plan.

    Basically, the money people working in America and are sending back to Mexico will be taxed. This is millions and millions of dollars leaving our country every year that will never be spent here.

    In addition, Trump will cut the foreign aid money we are now sending to Mexico to also help fund the building of the wall.

    And yes, you read that right, we send billions of dollars in aid, while being in debt, to a country that is stealing our businesses. Nice job Obama!

    Ann Coulter has been an adamant supporter of Trump and is doing a great job of getting the word out about his policies.

    Her interview in the video is a perfect example. The hosts of the show had no idea what his real plan is to fund the building of the wall. In two minutes, she turned them both into believers!

    Ann, we are glad you are on the Trump Train, and keep up the great work getting the word out about Donald Trump!

    WATCH ? THIS Is How Mexico Will Pay For The Border Wall, Trump Vindicated!

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    Exactly. I posted that idea months ago. Of course we can tax the remittances. Annual immigrant remittances to Mexico are around $30 billion a year. A 10% remittance tax would pay for the wall in 3.5. years. A 15% remittance tax would pay for the wall in 2.5 years. Start taxing them immediately while the wall is being built, put it all into a fund and by the time the wall it built, which might take 2 to 3 years, it's paid for 100%. Like Trump said "it's peanuts".

    Thank you Ann Coulter for showing just one of many ways to get Mexico to pay for the wall.

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    first of all they have our jobs' & the money they get they mail that money back home so more can come over
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