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Thread: Watch Out: Where Will Obama's Money for Immigrants Really Go?

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    Watch Out: Where Will Obama's Money for Immigrants Really Go?

    Watch Out: Where Will Obama's Money for Immigrants Really Go?

    July 9, 2014 - 3:28 PM
    By Rabbi Aryeh Spero
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    Two days ago, President Obama asked for $2 billion to help settle the unaccompanied illegals who've swarmed over our open borders. Two days later, he is demanding much more, almost $4 billion. We need to pause and watch out.

    Early on in his administration he asked for billions to revive the economy, though we later found out that much of that money was used to underwrite organizations and unions supportive of Mr. Obama. The message being: keep electing us and the federal money will keep coming your way. Later, some of the money was actually channeled to ethnic organizations, Obama cronies, and unions for bring-out -the vote schemes. We were suckered, impelled to grant Obama the money he wanted out of our sense of civic responsibility. He knew how to play us. He took advantage of our good nature.

    Isn't it possible that some of the money he is now demanding for taking care of those crossing our border will similarly find its ways to Democrat supporters, who will be reminded how voting the right way pays the right way? No doubt, many organizations involved in "social services" and "community development and organizing" (remember ACORN?) will be granted funds that will be used to help Obama's team this November under the guise of "helping the immigrants."

    After the 2012 election we found out, too late, that Team Obama had dried-up potential Republican donations and brought conservative organizations to a grinding halt. They did so by "sicking" the IRS on grass roots Conservative organizations and by demanding their donor lists be made public. They knew beforehand what they were going to do, while we remained in the dark. During the 2012 campaign Obama seemed to exhibit a calm "What, me worry?" look. He knew why he didn't have to worry. I sense the same attitude right now in 2014.

    We often speak before elections of an Oct. surprise. In 2012, it came well before Oct....unknownst to us. Perhaps, we are witnessing this week, if $4 billion is granted to Obama's Executive branch, the October surprise that will provide the fuel and money that has been not as forthcoming to Democrats as they had hoped. Speaker Boehner: heads up.

    Mr. Obama is demanding money without agreeing to send in the National Guard and finally seal the borders. If he doesn't, we'll have a replay, over and over again until there are enough voters for the welfare state to assure permanent Democrat victories; not to mention, the terrible diseases coming our way, and the jihadists crossing the border.

    Mr. Obama may well receive the money, since he is deftly playing the compassion card. But, his compassion has not brought him to the border to witness the suffering, since such a visit would challenge him with on-site questions from local media demanding responses.
    However, we Americans may well be moved by compassion and give him the money, though it seems highly uncompassionate to demand that Americans pay more in taxes to fund these programs, forfeit strained local services, subject themselves to potential diseases, and crime. We live, however, in times where no compassion is offered to those who live by the rules, pay their fair share, volunteer, and love their country. For Mr. Obama it's always about an agenda and never about regular, patriotic Americans.

    Here's the moral dilemma. Morally, we should always try to help those truly in need who cannot help themselves. Two questions: How far does that go? Does that go so far as to severely diminish one's own quality of life? Second: What if someone is deliberately setting you up, exploiting your good will and sense of charity to make you do that which benefits the manipulator personally?
    It seems that Mr. Obama is manipulating us, making us perennial, unending suckers, for reasons of political gain for himself. He preaches morality to others so as to benefit personally from it. If he were a TV preacher, he'd be run out of town.

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    Scam Time Barry has the largest Money Laundering Ring the World has EVER Seen
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    I believe the biggest thief of taxpayer money has occurred the past 5 years.
    I'm old with many opinions few solutions.

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