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Thread: Wayne Allyn Root: Send The Invasion Of Illegals To Beverly Hills And Georgetown

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    Wayne Allyn Root: Send The Invasion Of Illegals To Beverly Hills And Georgetown

    Send The Invasion Of Illegals To Beverly Hills And Georgetown

    July 24, 2014 by Wayne Allyn Root

    Hi! I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. The massive illegal immigrant invasion of our southern border is more than just a national crisis. It’s part of the greatest conspiracy in world history — a purposeful attempt to create catastrophe, overwhelm the system and force the American people to make a dreadfully wrong decision under duress.
    Barack Obama wants our good-hearted Christian Nation to see women, children and families begging for help, begging to live the American dream. He wants immigrants to be in the worst possible shape after a long journey from Central America — starving, injured, diseased and in such terrible shape our hearts break and we agree to take them all in.
    He is purposely creating a crisis, hoping to force us to overreact by agreeing not only to help these new arrivals, but to grant amnesty for 12 million other illegals already here.
    He wants us to approve government expansion and billions of dollars in new spending. Will he use that money to “solve” the crisis? No! He’ll use it to pay for lawyers for each illegal immigrant (to prevent deportation) and to hand them billions of dollars in welfare, food stamps, aid to dependent children, education and, of course, free meals at school — all paid for by the middle class.
    It’s a two-for-one. This is how you create a permanent, loyal Democratic voter bloc at the same time you bankrupt the middle class.
    As I explain in my new book The Murder of the Middle Class, this is a purposeful plan right out of the Richard Cloward-Frances Fox Piven playbook. How do I know? I was Obama’s college classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83. We learned this plan at Columbia. My classmates vowed to someday put it into effect to overwhelm the system, collapse capitalism, crash the U.S. economy and force America to its knees.
    From that position of crisis, weakness and panic, they vowed to “fundamentally change the country.” Recognize the plan? It’s happening right now.
    So how do we fight back? Obama and his socialist cabal are liars, frauds and hypocrites. Yes, they want to help the poor and downtrodden — but only with your money.
    Yes, they want to house the world’s homeless — but only in your home.
    Yes, they want to let in the world’s poverty-stricken immigrants — but only into your backyard.
    None of this “dirty work” ever touches their mansions, yachts, private jets, private schools or, God forbid, their precious children.
    Last I checked, Sasha and Malia Obama won’t go to school next to shoeless illegal immigrants with lice, scabies and tuberculosis. Last I checked, illegals with gang tattoos from head to toe won’t be mugging old ladies or dealing crack in front of the Georgetown mansions of lobbyists, lawyers and politicians like Hillary Clinton.
    Or maybe they will.
    Bringing this flood of illegal children (have you noticed how with liberals it’s always “we’re doing it for the children?”) into nice, middle-class communities to destroy their neighborhoods, schools and budgets is all part of Obama’s plan to overwhelm the system and murder the middle class.
    It’s time we counter these liberal, elite hypocrites. First, we must stand and fight to the last breath. The answer is so simple: Send them back.
    Then take action to secure our border.
    The last thing any Republican should do now is support any form of amnesty. Are we that stupid? That message would result in millions more poverty-stricken illegals coming.
    But in the meantime, let’s demand these hordes of illegal immigrants — many carry disease; many, if not most, are not “innocent minors” but are tattooed gangbangers, hardened criminals, drug dealers and murderers — be housed in Beverly Hills, or the Upper East Side of Manhattan, or fashionable Georgetown.
    Georgetown is the part of Washington, D.C., where all the liberal, elitist hypocrite politicians live. If Obama and his socialist cabal want illegals in this country, let them step over them as they get into their limos or shop for their $2,500 dresses.
    But don’t stop there. Let’s send them to Beverly Hills, Brentwood, the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Scarsdale, Great Neck, Malibu, Westwood, Brentwood, Palo Alto, Napa, Atherton, Menlo Park, Carmel –and don’t forget the ritziest neighborhoods in Boston and Chicago.
    These rich enclaves have the money and resources, so let Obama’s socialist cabal live among the poor, huddled masses.
    Give them jobs at the Ralph Lauren store on Rodeo Drive, or the Armani store on Madison Avenue, or at Saks Fifth Avenue.
    Why doesn’t Rachel Maddow hire one of them as the booker for her MSNBC show?
    Since Obama is so quick to sue American companies for daring to demand English be spoken at the office, Michelle Obama can hire a few to work in key positions at the White House. Perhaps they can speak Spanish only, while directing national security?
    Perhaps Clinton can get one of these illegals a $600,000 minimal-work job at NBC, like she got her daughter Chelsea.
    Why are we sending this needy horde of illegal immigrants to struggling middle-class neighborhoods? Why are they being sent only to red States? Because this is all part of Obama’s purposeful plan to destroy America.
    Let’s turn the tables. Let’s bus them to the elite, snobby liberal towns. If you liberals like illegals so much, you take care of them.
    While we’re at it, let’s demand they go to school at elite private schools. Start with Sidwell Friends School, where Sasha and Malia attend school. Let’s see how Michelle Obama reacts when her precious daughters come home with lice, or cough with TB, or party with tattooed gangbangers from El Salvador.
    There’s the ticket. It’s time to turn the tables. Let the wealthy liberals who support Obama and weep for illegal immigrants practice what they preach. It’s time to send the illegal crisis to the doors of Beverly Hills and Georgetown.
    That’s how you turn around the murder of the middle class and take back our country.
    I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. I hope you’ll read my newly released book, The Murder of the Middle Class. It’s available at any bookstore, Costco or Sam’s Club. Or, of course, you can order it at right now. See you next week. God bless America.
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    Legendary Business Owner Warns Of Economic Collapse

    August 7, 2014 by Wayne Allyn Root

    Hi! I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. I just interviewed one of the most successful businessmen in America today — a small-business owner who became a business titan. He is living proof the American dream used to work. But no more. His story not only proves the American dream used to work, it also proves why it no longer works. Wait until you hear what he has to say about trying to run a business in this economy.
    My new book, The Murder of the Middle Class, paints a picture of economic devastation throughout America. Because of big government overreach, onerous taxes, debt, regulations, lawsuits and increased Internal Revenue Service attacks on business, the odds of starting a new business and succeeding have been badly damaged. This is precisely why there is a severe shortage of new full-time, middle-class-wage jobs. Small business traditionally creates a majority of new jobs, yet small business is under withering attack by the Barack Obama Administration, the judicial system and our political class.
    I can quote hundreds of factual statistics proving the American economy is in severe decline. Recently, we learned American household wealth has declined by more than one-third in only 10 years. Over the same time period, electricity, water, fuel, food and tax costs have soared by as much as more than 100 percent.
    But why deal with sterile statistics? Let’s go right to the source. Let’s hear the reason for the decline of American business direct from a superstar businessman who has “boots on the ground.” He understands exactly what it takes to succeed… and exactly what’s wrong with today’s American economy.
    SPECIAL/Wayne Gorsek

    Wayne Gorsek is the quintessential American entrepreneur. He has lived the American dream. Raised and adopted by his grandparents (who lived in a 14-by-70 single-wide mobile home), Gorsek started a tiny vitamin company in Springfield, Ill., out of a basement in 1994. Gorsek grew his small company into the most successful online vitamin retailer in the world. His company became one of the few in history to earn “Inc. 500 Hall of Fame” status. For 15 years, Gorsek’s company grew at a remarkable 50 percent a year pace for more than 15 years. He became “America’s King of Vitamins.”
    Gorsek was living the American dream. He took his company public on Nasdaq in 2009 for a $320 million valuation. Along the way, he gave well over 1,000 Americans a full-time job with good middle-class wages and benefits. Many of his employees and investors made a fortune when his company went public; the average return to investors was measured in thousands of percent. Gorsek retired at the age of 42 and bought not one, but two, new private jets and earned two single-pilot jet-type ratings. His story is a living, breathing example of how capitalism, combined with hard and smart work, can produce extreme success for everyone involved.
    But today, Gorsek has a new story and a message every American needs to hear. Unfortunately, his updated story is proof positive that no recovery is coming and no middle-class jobs rebound is possible.
    Here is the eye-opening Part 2 of this story. Gorsek got bored by retirement and decided to get back in the game. He took about $26 million of his own money and started two new vitamin companies called and (you’ve seen the brand at His company also manufactures Martha Stewart’s new vitamin brand, sold at Walgreens.
    That’s where the story gets interesting.
    Gorsek reports on how things have changed. “It doesn’t surprise me that there are 92 million working-age Americans no longer working; and, even worse, 108 million are now on one or multiple forms of welfare. It doesn’t surprise me that for the first time in history more businesses are failing each day than starting. I’ve now seen the reasons for the murder of the middle class up close and personal.”
    Gorsek says things have changed dramatically since he started his first company in 1994 and not for the better. “I have found it three times more expensive and far more stressful and difficult compared to 20 years ago. The differences are stunning. I did not have to risk $26 million of my own money to build a state-of-the-art vitamin manufacturing facility in Las Vegas. I didn’t have to, but I wanted to. I did it to create jobs; to lower vitamin prices and significantly improve the formulations with ‘Made in USA’ vitamins for consumers; and to help turn around the economy.”
    Gorsek continues, “Don’t forget my timing; I made the decision to invest $26 million during the worst economy since the Great Depression. Shouldn’t entrepreneurs and financial risk-takers like me be thanked and rewarded? Instead, I feel demonized, denigrated, targeted and punished. Fear and uncertainty of the government is reason No. 1 why there are [sic] a lack of quality full-time jobs.”
    But Gorsek sees many more problems. “A trillion [dollars] a year in welfare spending incentivizing people not to work has made it hard to find quality employees. Why work when you can stay home, sleep late and collect dozens of different welfare checks, free food, free cellphones, free healthcare and many other freebies from government?
    “Then there are the much higher income taxes and capital gain taxes; employment taxes; hundreds of thousands of pages of onerous regulations, fees and fines; plus the lawyer and accounting costs to comply with a maze of city, county, State and Federal laws.
    “Now add in Obamacare, the biggest job killer ever. Because of the massive costs of Obamacare, many employers have no choice but to lay off employees, or create only part-time, low-wage jobs. When I started my prior company in the 1990s, healthcare costs were $1 trillion per year; they are now at nearly triple that insane level to $2.8 trillion per year.
    “Lastly, the ease for employees to file frivolous lawsuits is truly a disgrace. Lawyers are job killers, but guess who runs government and makes the laws? Lawyers. It just doesn’t pay to risk your money to start a business anymore when the chance of failure is now near 100 percent, and the government has monopolized the wealth and power to the Fortune 1000 companies (because they are the only ones that can afford to ‘pay to play’).”
    Gorsek’s advice is simple, if only our political leaders would listen. “If Americans fail to elect politicians that will actually reduce the taxes, regulations and make it harder to file frivolous lawsuits (with loser-pay laws), as well as reduce the size and spending of government, while providing incentives for businesses creating the jobs, you will see the continued decline of the U.S. economy, the death of good jobs and the murder of the middle class. We’re staring at the end of the American dream.”
    That’s priceless, common-sense advice from a proven business builder and job creator who has tried it twice and who sees the stark differences in America today. Gorsek’s conclusion is simple: Because of these changes, the second time around is much more difficult, if not impossible. At this moment in time, the American dream, small business and the middle class are being murdered.
    Gorsek wanted me to end this story by reminding everyone to buy only “Made in USA” brands whenever possible to support those companies creating jobs in the United States. A man who lives his own advice, Gorsek drives a Ford pickup — not only because Fords are made in the U.S., but because Ford is the only American automaker that didn’t accept a bailout. Gorsek is an all-American hero.
    I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you right back here next week. God bless America.
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