What Obama And I Learned At Columbia: How To Destroy America From Within

November 14, 2013 by Wayne Allyn Root

Hello, I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Here’s a story every American patriot needs to hear. What’s happening to America is not a coincidence. It’s not a mistake. It’s not fate. And President Barack Obama isn’t dumb or incompetent. He’s brilliant, and this is all a purposeful plan. I’m a witness.

Remember when Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone’s vault live on national TV? Well, I’m about to solve the mystery of Obama. I’m about to break “the Obama code.” I’m about to tell you everything about the way Obama, and the people around him, really think. I’m about to rip open the true Obama plan to destroy our country, because I was there when the plan was hatched.

How do I know all this? Because I was Obama’s college classmate at Columbia University, class of ’83. I was easy to recognize: the lone outspoken conservative in a class of 700 students. I knew I was in trouble when my first political science class at Columbia was “Communism 101″ taught by Professor Trotsky in the Fidel Castro Building, at the corner of Marx Boulevard and Lenin Drive. I’m only half-kidding. My experiences at Columbia were not far off.

Everyone needs to hear my story, because what Obama and I learned at Columbia explains exactly what Obama is doing to America today.

The economy in deep decline; the disappearance of jobs; the annihilation of the middle class; the demonization of business owners; the destruction of small business with onerous regulations and taxes; the overwhelming debt and spending of out-of-control government; the millions of Americans losing their health insurance; and the unimaginable increase in dependency through welfare, food stamps, unemployment, disability and now free healthcare: It’s all easily explained when you hear what Obama and I learned at Columbia.

I predicted all of this for five long years. Every prediction about what Obama would do and how jobs would be killed and what would happen to the economy has come true. It’s a purposeful, brilliant plan hatched at Columbia University to destroy capitalism, American exceptionalism, Judeo-Christian values and the American dream.

I never met Obama at Columbia. We were both political science majors, both pre-law. We graduated on the same day. There were perhaps 100 to 150 of us in the political science department. And I thought I knew all of them. As the token big-mouthed conservative patriot, I know they all knew me — but not Obama. I never met him, saw him or even heard of him. Not one of my friends at Columbia ever met him either. At our 30th class reunion last May, I could not find a single classmate who had ever met him. Strange story, but I digress.

What matters is what Obama learned and experienced at Columbia. My classmates hated America. They spoke with glee about one day “taking the system down.” They blamed America for “unfairness, racism, inequality and lack of social justice.” Recognize those words?

My classmates proudly called themselves socialists, communists and Marxists. Even though almost all of them came from wealthy families (or perhaps because of it), they hated the rich and despised business owners. They talked about how the “white power structure” had to be dismantled, business owners bankrupted and capitalism destroyed. Everything in their minds was based on “social justice.”

Sound like the policies of anyone you recognize in the White House? Does “We have to spread the wealth around” ring a bell? How about “If you own a business, you didn’t build that”?

How about Obama’s hatred of Republicans and refusal to negotiate with Congress? It’s clear he thinks he’s “morally superior” to conservatives. That attitude was born at Columbia, too. In 1981, when a student burst through the doors to our political science class and screamed, “The President has been shot. They’ve assassinated Reagan,” my classmates yelled, hugged, high-fived and jumped up and down cheering the death of a Republican.

Today, most of my classmates are either in government with Obama or controlling the mainstream media. They talk about “moderation and compromise,” but always remember 30 years ago they cheered for the death of a Republican.

But there’s more. We were all taught a simple, but brilliant plan. My classmates discussed it 24/7. It was their “American dream.” It was called “Cloward-Piven,” after former Columbia professors Richard Cloward and Frances Piven. To bring down America and our capitalist system, they were taught to overwhelm the system with massive spending, entitlements and debt. That would cause the economy to collapse, wipe out the middle class and bring Americans to their knees, begging government to save them. It’s the exact plan Obama has been implementing. The centerpiece is Obamacare.

Obamacare isn’t about healthcare. It’s about bankrupting the middle class and addicting it to government dependency. It’s about redistributing wealth from the middle class and small business to Obama’s voters (the poor and unions). Its goal is to wipe out the last vestiges of middle-class America, creating a two-class society: the super rich and the poor (both beholden to Obama).

Obama learned well; it’s working to perfection.

So that explains the plan. But how do you implement it?

We were taught that at Columbia, too. A key component of the plan involved fooling the voters by calling yourself “moderate” and a “uniter,” even though you are a radical Marxist. We were taught to never admit what you really believe in. It involved demonizing your opponents, calling them “evil, greedy, extreme, radical and terrorist.” Look in the mirror and call your opponents the very things you are. Obama learned well.

The plan taught us to hide your true intensions. (In other words, lie, misrepresent, commit fraud.) So Obamacare is about “saving the uninsured,” as opposed to income redistribution. Government regulations are to “protect us from global warming,” as opposed to wiping out small business. Amnesty for illegal immigrants is about “fairness,” as opposed to creating 12 million new Democratic voters. High taxes are to “create equality,” as opposed to starving Obama’s political opposition.

Obscene spending is always about “helping widows and orphans,” as opposed to bribing Obama’s voters. Higher teacher salaries to reward terrible performance are “for the kids,” as opposed to enriching teachers unions so they can funnel hundreds of millions to Democratic politicians. Bailing out GM was to “save jobs,” as opposed to saving bloated auto union pensions.

It’s always about lying to cover up the Marxist agenda of destroying the middle class, redistributing wealth and putting big government in control of our every move.

Why the lies? We were taught at Columbia that “It’s for the greater good” and “We know what’s best for those people” and “The ends justify the means.” Obama learned well.

But the key to it all is to “boil the frog slowly.” We learned at Columbia to set the fire low, so the frog wouldn’t complain. By the time he realized what was happening, he’d be cooked. That’s why every Obama speech starts and ends with “I’m here to save the middle class,” while his actions are annihilating them. He’s boiling the frog slowly. By the time the middle class realizes he’s the killer and they’re the prey, they’ll already be dead.

The root (excuse the pun) of every Obama policy, everything Obama does and everything happening to the U.S. economy, all started at Columbia. The entire Obama agenda to overwhelm the system, wipe out the middle class, bankrupt small business and destroy capitalism was hatched at Columbia.

Obama may not have attended class, but he learned well. He should have received Columbia’s Karl Marx Award for “Student Most Likely to Destroy America.” We never needed to fear terrorists, or Russia, or China. We’re being destroyed from within, and the orders emanate direct from our own White House.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. Same time, same place. God bless America.