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    We Are Running Out Of Time - No Time For Idiots!

    From the Federal Observer.
    Here is the link:

    No Time For Idiots!
    By Rick Biesada

    I'm growing weary of the treachery poised at American citizens by a band of imbecilic, and arrogant public servants.

    I have no time to deal with idiots, so, I feel that the time has come to bring back corporal punishment as an object lesson to public officials who violate the peoples trust.

    For far too long, we have been allowing this neutered gang of surreptitious scoundrels to disrespect and dominate the will of the people. This practice of subversion is counter productive to the people of a free society, and this is why our country is coming apart at the seams with no hope of order to restore our sovereignty.

    We have nobody to blame but ourselves, for becoming complacent and negligent of our duties and responsibilities as United States Citizens, who loan our sovereign power to jackasses in public office, who are violating the public trust with impunity.

    Our laws are being abused, misused, and un-enforced, by perjurers who had sworn an oath to God, to preserve our law, to provide security, and to perpetuate a society of justice with freedom and liberty for all American Citizens.

    Our constitution no longer functions as the Supreme Law of the land, therefore, we the people have become the subjects of tyranny; living under the color of anarchy instead of the prescribed manner of justice under our constitutional republic.

    Every surmountable problem that our country endures, comes not from being a super power, but from our feckless leadership who sit in office wasting our time and tax payer dollars, taking up space as they cover for the misdeeds of globalists, miscarrying justice for American citizens.

    Here's a perfect example, I'll para phrase, from an article out of the Herald Democrat by Lynn Brezosky of the Associated Press: Citizen Patrols Not Welcome In Texas.

    Volunteer border patrol groups known as Minuteman Project alerted officials to hundreds of illegal immigrants in Arizona and were praised by California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, but they're getting the cold shoulder in Texas.

    Civil Rights groups, clergy, newspaper editorial boards and politicians are folding up the welcome mats.

    I think it's a problem all of Texas has having vigilante groups from other parts of the country come here to try and tell us how to run our business," said state senator Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa, an author of a resolution that urges Governor Rick Perry, to oppose Minuteman plans to guard the Tex - Mex border this coming October.

    Obviously, "Chuy" doesn't understand that his failure to enforce the laws in his state lead to problems throughout our country, therefore, these American citizens are going to where the problem is, to try and solve it... not run from it... ignore it... or illegally profit off of it.

    Senator Rodney Ellis of Houston, wrote to Perry that Minutemen are not welcome in Texas... but illegal aliens are welcome... right senator Ellis? You nitwit!

    Perry responded, that you can't ban people from legal activity.

    Hinojosa using the standard fear mongering tactic claimed, "I don't think there's any doubt that there is a tinge of racism beneath the surface in their attempt to try and stop immigrants from Mexico.�

    It seems like senator Hinojosa is acting like the authentic racist pig, calling for the banning of legal activity between American citizens. This facist is against the right of freedom to assemble, and freedom to travel between the states by legal residents, yet he thinks it's okay for illegal aliens to trespass upon our soil and break our laws... nothing was mentioned in his resolution about this.

    U. S. Representative, Sheila Jackson Lee, Houston, said she smelled such trouble long ago and axed governor Perry to disinvite the Minutemens.

    Wow ... these are the people that we have entrusted with our security, and they don't know that they are an impediment to our society. They lack any understanding of our laws, as they race bait their predjudiced viewpoint to hide their inadequate performance of not enforcing our laws. They serve no useful purpose in public office... they are not fit to hold public office.

    The only thing that these people are good for, is for creating problems. Public servants such as senators Ellis, and Hinojosa, as well as U.S. Rep. Lee, are proof of the ignorance guiding and misrepresenting the principles of our constitutional republic... leading us on a path to destruction.

    When a public official tells you that you don't have the right to report a crime being committed in front of your very eyes, or if they want to impede your right as a citizen to arrest a criminal in the commission of a crime... then it is "they" who are not welcome. They are not welcome in government, or any place else where an American's rights can be violated or usurped.

    This is why it is imperative to get rid of these unsavory obstructionists, and replace them with principled, constitutional, reform minded public servants, while we still have a country that we can call home.

    We have used every method to appease these subversionists to no avail, now we are being overwhelmed by invaders with no measures in place to cease this unlawful practice by our omni potent Federal, and state governments.

    It is time for the people to lead the leaders... so vigilantism should be the order of the day. Keeping vigilant of the despots in public office who are trying to undermine our society. This is the duty of every American, this is the peoples responsibility to the country that we have sworn our allegiance to.

    As my dear old departed granny used to say, "there is a time and a place for everything."

    Well... the time has come to get rid of all of the untrustworthy agent provocateurs holding public office, and place them where they yearn to be; along with all of the other seditious anti American's who don't deserve to claim the title of American citizen. Deport them... stick to our constitutional law, and deport them to their country of origin, while the treasonous public servants should report to the gallows to receive their justice... allowing the people to resume our pursuit of happiness. Ole’

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    Everyday that we delay strong reactions against illigal aliens is making things costlier for America. Already, in many places across the land the signs of blight and decay are evident... on the heels of this are destroyed schools, medical resources, increased crime, drug dealing and abuse, and the take over family parks by gangster thugs who hate America.

    This, "tiajuanizatiion" process is being played out everywhere and American Tiajuanas (with problems such as above) are already well entrenced and identifiable to all but the blind.

    I am a Mexican American (Chicano) and in a historically good position to know what I am talking about because I've witnessed much of the tiajuaniztion first hand and see it happening as I write.

    Close the borders; stop anchor babies production; deport illegals; punish employers who hire them; boycott tourism to Mexico... simply end the virus infection which is weakening and killing this Nation.

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    And extactly how much time is left? I feel were getting really, really short of time.

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    ditto that.

    Join our efforts to Secure America's Borders and End Illegal Immigration by Joining ALIPAC's E-Mail Alerts network (CLICK HERE)

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