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WELFARE ABUSE: 32 years old Austin, TX welfare recipient says working is stupid.

Me and people that I know like illegal immigrants, that don't contribute to society .. we still gonna get paid. Our checks keep coming in the mail every month, and its gonna be on time. And we get subsidized housing. We even get presents delivered for our kids for Christmas. Why should I work?

An Austin welfare recipient tells Austin's Morning News she gets a lot of welfare money and can stay home and smoke weed. Listen to her phone call earlier today on the show with Mark, Ed and Sam...

Lucy is 32 with three kids. She is on welfare just like her parents and admits her kids will do the same. She says taxpayers are the fools...she gets to lay up all day and smoke weed while you go to work.

full Podcast on the radio station website. 10/30/2012, (call is on Hour #3)