WH Twitter Account Steers Followers To Obscene GOP Twitter Troll

by DEBRA HEINE 5 Feb 2014

Progressives aren't known for their class, sense of propriety, or even common decency, but the Obama White House really disgraced itself , yesterday, when Jesse Lee, it's "Director of Progressive Media and Online Response," directed the followers of his official White House Twitter account to a troll Twitter account with an obscene, self-fellating GOP elephant avatar.

Yes, this actually happened, folks.

@LOLGOP You guys have hit rock bottom

JWF (@JammieWF) February 4, 2014
You stay classy, White House MT @jesseclee44 .@LOLGOP is pretty much hitting the nail on the head re: absurdity of "incentive to work" arg.

Amy Lutz (@amylutz4) February 4, 2014
@jesseclee44 @LOLGOP The never-ending embarrassment of this administration continues. Amateur hour lasts 3 more years.
Rick Cannon (@RCannon74) February 4, 2014

Most conservative tweeps are sadly aware of the nasty Twitter-troll account @LOLGOP, which purports to be funny - but only to left-wing ideologues who live to see the right ridiculed with mean-spirited attempts at humor.

That an official White House Twitter account would link to repulsive bottom feeders like @LOLGOP, tells you everything you need to know about what this Regime thinks of the loyal opposition.

In case you're wondering why the White House needs a "Director of Progressive Media and Online Response," the position was created in the Spring of 2011 to beat back stories that show the Regime in a bad light - which these days - is most of them.