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    What Bob Corker Had to Say about Amnesty in 2007

    From Fred Bauer at A Certain Enthusiasm.

    So, who greasing Corker now?

    What Bob Corker Had to Say about Amnesty in 2007

    THURSDAY, JUNE 20, 2013

    According to the Congressional Record, Senator Corker said on May 23, 2007,

    What I mean by that is this. There is a sense of fairness that we see many times on the floor that is not addressed by the fact that we have about 12 million people in this country today illegally. People see this bill as straight amnesty, where all of a sudden we are going to make it legal that if you have been here working, for however long, you become legal in this country by virtue of being here...

    It is that point, I think, that has divided the American people, the fact that this bill does not address the inequity of allowing those people to remain here. These are people who came here, obviously, to support their families, and we understand what the motivation is for many people to be here, but this bill does not address that inequity. What I propose tonight and I am working with other Senators to hopefully make happen after we come back from recess, is to actually have a provision in this bill that treats people who are here illegally like those who wish to have a green card, like those who would be temporary workers in this bill. I would ask that other Senators work with me and others to create an amendment to this bill that actually would cause, over a reasonable amount of time, people who are working in this country to return to their home country and then come back through legal channels. I think that strikes at the very core of what so many Americans believe is so inappropriate about having illegal immigrants, illegal workers, automatically made legal.

    I think that is a central fallacy in this bill as it has been offered today. After many of these technical amendments are agreed to over the course of the next few days, and as we come back from recess, I look forward to working with other Senators to try to ensure that if this immigration bill passes, it passes in a way that meets the sense of fairness the American public believes this bill ought to have; that it addresses that inequity of people who jumped in front of the line and came here, being here illegally and yet being able to benefit without, during a reasonable period of time, returning home and coming back through legal channels, once we have the mechanisms in place to allow people to do that. I hope to have the opportunity to work with others in this body to make that happen.
    Senator Corker argued in 2007 that the "central fallacy" of the "comprehensive" bill of 2007 is that it allowed for "straight amnesty, where all of a sudden we are going to make it legal that if you have been here working, for however long, you become legal in this country by virtue of being here." Doesn't S. 744 do that? Doesn't Corker-Hoeven preserve the legalization-first approach of the Gang of Eight bill?

    (In 2007, Sen. Corker seemed particularly to criticize the fact that the 2007 Senate bill did not require illegal immigrants to return to their native countries "and then come back through legal channels." S. 744 doesn't require that, either.)
    Daniel Horowitz also recalls what Corker had to say about "amnesty" in 2006.

    See Below

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    We Elected Liars Like Bob Corker

    By: Daniel Horowitz (Diary) | June 20th, 2013 at 09:56 AM |

    We sit back helplessly watching our elected Republicans cut backroom deals with Chuck Schumer to sell out the Republic and create a permanent Democrat majority. Yet we have nobody to blame but ourselves for electing these liars in the first place.

    Back in 2006, conservatives split their votes in Tennessee between Van Hilleary and Ed Bryant, handing a solid red seat to progressive Bob Corker.

    At the time, immigration was a hot-button issue, and Bob Corker screamed from the hilltops that he was just as strong on the issue as his conservative opponents. He not only opposed any amnesty before enforcement, he opposed amnesty period. He consistently said that all those who came here illegally would have to go back home and come here legally.

    During the general election, he ran strong on the issue against Harold Ford. On September 15, he began airing the following two ads:

    “For centuries, immigrants have come to America
    legally. They worked hard and made America great. But today,
    we’ve lost control of our borders. We need a new immigration
    policy that reflects America’s values. First, secure this
    border. Allow people to work here but only if they’re legal.
    No amnesty. Those employed but here illegally must go home and
    return through legal channels. And those who want to become
    citizens must learn the English language. I’m Bob Corker and I approve this message.

    “Listen to Congressman Harold Ford.” FORD: “Every day
    fifty-seven hundred miles of border stands unsecured. It must
    stop.” ANNCR: “More talk. But what’s his record? Ford voted
    against allowing the military to secure the border. Against
    tougher penalties for illegal immigrants caught smuggling drugs.
    He says he opposes amnesty for illegals, but he’s also said he
    could support a bill that included amnesty. Harold Ford. Ten
    years in Washington. Tennessee’s most liberal congressman.”
    CORKER: “I’m Bob Corker and I approve this message.
    Now he is saving a dying amnesty bill by placing phony triggers in a bill 10 years after amnesty is granted. John Hoeven explained the amendment like this: the “whole effort has been to build a bipartisan group that will support the bill.”

    Folks, this is what the entire Mitch McConnell caucus is all about. They work indefatigably to put lipstick on Democrat proposals so they will win bipartisan support. This is why we can’t trust establishment candidates to fulfill their promises even on the few issues they officially check the boxes on the right. Ultimately, they are working for the political class, and if that political class decides that an onerous bill must pass, they will work overtime to lend Republican prestige to that proposal – either publicly or privately. They will often vote against the bill once passage is inevitable, but they will work behind the scenes to sabotage any unified opposition.

    We expected this treachery from a guy like Corker, yet we allowed him to lie to us. Yes, it would be nice if these people would air TV ads and explain their support for amnesty and the need to elect Chuck Schumer Republicans. But they lack the courage to vouch for the veracity of their views when standing before the voters. That’s why it behooves us to identify these trouble-makers early on. We should not be electing establishment-types like Bill Cassidy in Louisiana and Mike Rounds in South Dakota next year. We should not reflexively reelect incumbents like Mitch McConnell and Lamar Alexander. We should not credulously buy into the lies that will flood airwaves.

    As for Bob Corker, we just gave him a reelection pass last year. The least we can do is make it clear this will be his last term and that his partner in crime, who is up for reelection next year, should not return to the Senate in 2015.
    Moreover, it’s time for the Tennessee House delegation to stand up and speak out against this travesty. They all campaigned strongly against amnesty. Will they condemn the Corker-Hoeven treachery?

    Call their offices and ask them to stand with the people of Tennessee:

    Phil Roe: (202) 225-5714
    Scott DesJarlais: 202.225.6831
    John Duncan: (202) 225-5435
    Diane Black: (202) 225-4231
    Chuck Fleischmann: (202) 225-3271
    Marsha Blackburn: 202-225-2811
    Stephen Fincher: (202) 225-4714

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