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    What Donald Trump Just Announced Will Make Liberals Go INSANE

    What Donald Trump Just Announced Will Make Liberals Go INSANE

    Donald Trump said he was thrilled at the “tremendous” Republican victory in the midterm elections, and that it now has him taking a “serious look” at running for the presidency in 2016.
    The comments came during an interview with Newsmax TV’s Ed Berliner on MidPoint. Trump flirted with running in the 2012 primary but never officially entered the race.
    “I mean, I am going to look and I’m going to study and I’m going to see who’s running and I’m going to see what’s going to happen on the other side,” said Trump.
    “The country is doing horribly,” he said. “We’re being scoffed at from all over, from every angle, and you look at what’s going on militarily and every other way. So, I’m going to take a very serious look and then I’ll see what happens.”
    Trump called the Republican victory an “amazing event” and proudly noted the many candidates that he endorsed won tough matchups.
    He said that although he is happy about the election results, not just for himself but for the country, there is no time to rest or celebrate victories.
    “And in all fairness, now the Republicans have to really get going and get to work and turn the country around,” he said. “It’s so important.”
    “It’s going to be about the economy,” he said. “It’s going to be about jobs, and it’s going to be about Obamacare.”
    He stressed that “something” must be done about Obamacare, adding “ideally, repeal and replace [it] with something that really works and that’s good and that’s affordable . . . and actually gives you better insurance, as opposed to what you have right now, which is terrible.”
    He noted how expensive the law has made health insurance and how high the deductibles are, making the actual insurance payouts under the law inaccessible to most people.
    Trump said he is confident that the Republicans will do a good job over the next two years and believes they will take advantage of the lonely president who can now be forced to negotiate and make deals.
    He finished by adding that the country is still lacking a crucial ingredient for success though — “proper leadership.”
    Perhaps Donald Trump will run in 2016 and bring his style of “proper leadership” to the country. Trump certainly knows how to lead and has the ability to get things done.
    His incredible business sense could only help the country’s economy, and his belief in a strong national defense would help ensure the nation stays safe.
    Please share this on Facebook and Twitter if you think that Donald Trump would be an infinitely better president than Barack Obama.
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    The Elitists controlling the GOP will put up a 'Trump' before they will put up a 'Cruz.'
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