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    What a GREAT read on the April "foolz" on Bushy/Fo

    Thanks for the laugh William. I loved the read, although it was way to obvious a "new year fools" joke.

    I made it to Pheonix (Chandler actually) last night, flight was early. I have a few hours until my ride down to Tombstone arrives, so I guess I will do a little catchup on what others have posted.

    So far, all is looking good, but the word I have from the ground (and from reading numerous AP and local news articles, is that the border is pretty much shut down already. Oh well, I guess that OBL talking point "There is no way to stop people from coming" does NOT appear to hold any water.


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    You CAN stop people from coming.
    It just have to WANT to. Enforce immigration laws!

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    April Fools

    Oh my gosh, when I first saw the story I about came unglued. Then when I read it and realized it was an april fools joke, my heart sank.
    Wishful thinking! LOL

    William, that was the mother of all April Fools Jokes! How can Bush have a change of heart when he has no heart? At least when it comes to the American citizens he doesn't.
    Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God

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